Liberal Government Introducing Federal Budget April 19

Canada has been without a federal budget for two years.

The Trudeau government is finally planning to introduce a federal budget.

After two years without a budget, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced that a federal budget will be tabled April 19th.

With Canada’s deficit at a record high and debt surging, the Liberals are still expected to continue massive spending, transforming what was seen as ‘temporary emergency spending’ into longer-term large deficits that entrench the role of centralized government at the expense of self-determination and the private sector.

Here’s what Freeland said in the House of Commons:

“We will continue to do whatever it takes to support Canadians through the pandemic. And we have a plan to create jobs and growth in the recovery.

I’ll have more to share on April 19, 2021, when we present the next federal budget.”

As Conservative Jobs & Industry Critic Pierre Poilievre noted, the budget will be the new April Fools:

“BREAKING: April Fools’ Day moved to April 19th.

“Freeland says federal budget will be tabled April 19””

Election document

The reality is the budget will be an election document from a free-spending government that has zero regard for the long-term health of the Canadian economy, and is instead focused on getting re-elected at all costs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube