The Liberals Say They Don’t Want An Election, But They Sure Seem Desperate To Pass A Pandemic Election Bill

Interesting. Is it possible they aren’t being honest?

In life – and especially in politics – it’s essential to look at people’s actions, rather than just their words.

Words are important of course, but when words and actions dramatically diverge, then you’ve got to go with the actions as being most representative of what someone thinks.

So, lets look at the Liberal government.

On the one hand, they say they don’t want an election.

On the other hand, they sure are desperate for the opposition to pass a bill making it easier to hold an election during a pandemic:

“Opposition parties panned a plea Friday from the minority Liberal government to speed up passage of a bill aimed at ensuring a federal election could be held safely if need be during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During debate on the legislation, multiple opposition MPs said there was no need to end debate quickly because there is no imminent need for an election — unless the Liberals are planning on calling one.

The disdain in the House of Commons came despite a letter Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc wrote to opposition party leaders that urged them to wrap up second-reading debate on Bill C-19 on Friday so it could be sent to a House of Commons committee for greater scrutiny and possible amendments.

While he insisted the government remains focused on steering the country through the pandemic, LeBlanc noted an election could be triggered at any time in a minority Parliament.”

The Opposition parties have been clear they don’t want an election.

IF the Liberals were willing to work with the opposition on the budget – as is supposed to happen in a minority Parliament – then there’s no real chance of an election taking place.

But that’s not what the Liberals are doing.

Instead, they’re pushing for legislation to make it far easier to have an election soon.

So, when we look at their actions, it’s clear the Liberals want an election, and their claims otherwise are completely dishonest.

Spencer Fernando


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