Michael Chong & Parliamentary Sub-Committee Sanctioned By Communist China

The Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic has been strongly standing up for human rights and Canadian values.

Communist China has imposed sanctions on Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic Michael Chong, and the Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Human Rights.

The move by China follows Canada and our allies imposing sanctions on officials connected to the genocide in Xinjiang.

China claimed those moves were ‘lies and false information,’ saying “The Chinese government is unwavering in its determination to defend national sovereignty, security and developments interests.” 

Chong has also been one of the strongest voices in Canada speaking out in defense of freedom and human rights, and holding China accountable for their actions.

It also cannot be ignored that Chong is partially of Chinese descent, with his father having fled the Communist State.

China likes to believe it rules over all people of Chinese ancestry, and that somehow democracy and Western values are ‘incompatible’ with Chinese culture. Michael Chong scares China for the same reason China fears Taiwan’s success, because it demolishes many of the main propaganda claims that the CCP rests upon.

If you have a social media account, I encourage you to follow Michael Chong and let him know that Canada has his back. We won’t let China try to intimidate those who speak out.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube