Standing Up For Canada Day

“That realization of how patriotism and improving our country are so intricately linked also leads to the understanding that those who founded Canada and built up our nation deserve credit for building a country that could improve and grow over time.”

In my latest column for the National Citizens Coalition, I am pushing back on the far-left push to ‘cancel’ Canada Day.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The more patriotic Canadians are, the more our country will continue to grow and improve.

That is why we need to respect our history in full, celebrating the good – and there is much good for Canadians to be proud of – while also acknowledging negative aspects.

Balance and reason are what we need.

Cancelling Canada Day is the exact opposite of balance and reason.

It is an extreme approach that only serves to divide people, caters to a small fringe, demoralizes millions of people, and throws out all the good about our country.

It’s also totally anti-Canadian, because it implies that our entire country is unworthy of celebration and tries to pile a bunch of guilt on people who haven’t done anything wrong.”

I encourage you to read the full article at the link below, and help spread it far and wide so we can fight back against the radicals trying to cancel the celebration of our nation.

FERNANDO: No, We Will Not ‘Cancel’ Canada Day

Spencer Fernando