With Censorship Push, Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh Are Trying To Criminalize Free Expression & Silence Opponents

Unfortunately, many Canadians seem reluctant to comprehend the consequences of this anti-freedom, anti-democratic agenda.

Like a zombie, Bill C-10 & C-36 continue marching on, even when seemingly stopped.

In the video below, you can see Jagmeet Singh talking about his view on government legislation against ‘hate speech’, making it clear that the NDP will be backing the Liberals assault on your right to speak freely:

Jagmeet Singh’s dishonesty

You’ll note how Singh says Canada has hate speech laws, but that online “there is no remedy, there’s no way to stop it right now.”

Of course, Singh is completely wrong here.

His remarks amount to claiming that it is legal to threaten to kill or commit violence against specific individuals or groups online, which is an absurd claim to make.

It is illegal to threaten to kill or physically harm someone, regardless of how that threat is made.

Further, hate speech laws already apply throughout various communication channels – including the internet.

Here is how mediasmarts.ca describes it:

“Sections 318 and 319 of the Criminal Code make it a criminal offence to advocate genocide, publicly incite hatred, and willfully promote hatred against an “identifiable group.”

An identifiable group is defined as any section of the public distinguished by colour, race, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation or mental or physical disability.

The Code provisions are intended to prohibit the public distribution of hate propaganda. Private speech is not covered by the provisions: the act of promoting hatred can only be committed by communicating statements other than in a private conversation, and inciting hatred is only prohibited if statements are communicated in a public place. Online communications that advocate genocide or willfully promote or incite hatred are likely to fall within the provisions because the internet is a public network.

Under section 320(1) of the Code, a judge has the authority to order the removal of hate propaganda from a computer system that is available to the public. Such authority extends to all computer systems located within Canada.”

Amazingly, Jagmeet Singh is a lawyer – specifically a criminal defence attorney.

The fact is, Singh either doesn’t know how the law works, or does know and is purposely lying to people about it to justify legislation that restricts free expression.

Why bring in new laws if current laws already do the job?

As you read this, you can see how there are already laws in place that do what Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau claim they want to achieve – addressing online hate.

If Trudeau & Singh don’t like how those laws are being used, or don’t think the laws are being used as effectively as they could be, then that’s an issue of changing government personnel, not passing new legislation.

But that’s not really what Singh and Trudeau are trying to accomplish.

There’s a reason they are both using the same dishonest claim that current legislation doesn’t address social media or online hate.

As reported by Blacklock’s, an ‘RCMP specialist’ spoke about how Bill C-36 will lead to more charges:

“We can lay lotsa charges with #C36 censorship bill, say @RCMPGRCpolice; bloggers & tweeters face $70K fines or house arrest for offensive words. https://blacklocks.ca/censorship-bill-useful-rcmp/ #cdnpoli @CdnHeritage @s_guilbeault @CommrRCMPGRC”

“A federal censorship bill will be useful in prosecuting bloggers and Facebook subscribers, an RCMP specialist said last night. Bill C-36 will “see more things through to charges,” a webinar was told: “There is no such thing as free speech in Canada, only freedom of expression.””

There it is:

“Useful in prosecuting”

“See more things through to charges.”

That’s what this is really about.

Controlling and punishing people by expanding what is considered ‘hate’ and giving the government more power.

Also, how messed up is it to see someone from the RCMP bragging about how Canada ‘doesn’t have free speech’?

Why do Canadians put up with this foolish word-game?

If we have free expression, and if speech is a form of expression, then shouldn’t we have free speech?

It seems many Canadians have been manipulated into repeating the ‘free expression, not free speech,’ mantra, without realizing how foolish it actually is, thus becoming complicit in the denial and restriction of their own rights under a laughably weak pretext.

Tired of freedom?

There is no such thing as freedom without consequence.

A key feature of countries like Canada has generally been that we accept the consequences, realizing that the alternative – ruthless state power & control – is far worse.

So, we put up with those consequences.

Free expression and free speech means people can say terrible things, so long as they aren’t threatening violence against others.

That fits with the idea that ‘your rights end where another’s begin.’

But that doesn’t afford enough power and control for politicians like Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau, hence the continued effort to expand the definition of ‘hate speech’ and expand government power to punish Canadians.

Attacking free expression

The irony is that after getting many Canadians to distinguish between ‘free expression’ and ‘free speech,’ Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh now plan to attack free expression as well.

Bill C-10 and Bill C-36 would dramatically tilt the balance of power away from individuals, and toward the centralized federal government.

And, while politicians like to claim that government power somehow represents the people, the fact is that politicians want more government power because they are the ones who get to wield that power.

In effect, individuals will still be in control, but the choice is between many individuals – the Canadian People – deciding what content to consume and what opinions can be shared, or a few individuals – politicians – deciding for everyone else.

All power is wielded by someone, and the less is wielded by the Canadian People, the more will be wielded by elitist politicians.

Criminalizing free expression

What Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau want is to criminalize people like us, people who create content they disagree with, people who hold true to Canada’s core values of individual rights and freedom, and those who would ‘dare’ push back against their statist agenda.

The trend of Bill C-10, & C-36 is clear, as was the trend of increasing CBC funding, and making more of the ‘private’ media dependent on government money.

The statists are building a massive propaganda machine, and anyone who shares a message that differs from the machine is someone they want to silence.

They are seeking to criminalize free expression, and all the while they’ll tell you it’s about ‘protecting Canadians.’

Of course, we know that the only people Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh are protecting is themselves, trying to narrow-down and ultimately silence the type of debate and disagreement that is essential to holding power-hungry leaders accountable.

Spencer Fernando

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