Send In The Clowns: CBC Tries Claiming Russia Is Behind Freedom Convoy

Being forced to pay for a propaganda network that has become a parody of itself is another reason CBC must be DEFUNDED!

When a ‘news’ network starts to resemble something from The Onion and becomes what appears to be a parody of itself, you can be sure that it has long passed its ‘best before date.’

And so it is with the CBC.

For years, CBC ratings have been horrendous, even as they gobble up more and more of our taxpayer dollars.

Why would CBC get more and more money even as they fail?

Because it’s not about ‘success’ in any business sense of the term.

Instead, it’s about the desire of Justin Trudeau and statist politicians to have a state propaganda outlet that they can use to introduce the most absurd narratives into the public sphere, while attempting to hide behind a veneer of ‘legitimacy.’

And what has Justin Trudeau gotten for all the taxpayer money he took from us and gave to CBC?


CBC is attempting to make people think that Russia is behind the convoy, due to Canada’s policies in Ukraine.

Think about that for a moment.

The CBC really expects people to believe that instead of real Canadians standing up against government overreach, the convoy represents nothing except Russian influence?

They expect people to believe this, even as we can all see the Canadians of all backgrounds who are expressing their support for the convoy.

It is insanity.

What is CBC really trying to do here?

Let’s consider the agenda behind CBC’s claims, because it wasn’t just a throwaway line or a mistake.

CBC is trying to do a few things here:

First, they are trying to delegitimize the protest itself. Justin Trudeau tried claiming the protest was ‘small’ and a ‘fringe group,’ claims which have been completely refuted by the size of the convoy and the many Canadians of all backgrounds supporting it. So, now that Trudeau’s claims have been proven wrong, CBC is trying to pivot to undermine the whole thing itself.

Secondly, CBC is trying to play on the fact that many Canadians watch US news, and are thus primed by networks like CNN to blame anything they don’t like on Russia. Even after the Russia collusion narrative against Trump fell apart, many people still remain locked in that false mindset, and CBC is taking advantage of that.

Third, CBC is trying to polarize the country. Similar to how Trudeau always speaks in the most condescending and arrogant manner, demonizes the convoy, and completely dismisses the views of those who disagree with him, CBC is trying to divide Canadians.

Both Trudeau and CBC (is there really a difference at this point), use the tactic of dividing people and then claiming that anyone angered by those tactics is to blame for the divisiveness. While the message of the convoy is about bringing Canadians together and standing up for our rights and freedoms, the message pushed by Trudeau and CBC is about demonizing Canadian Citizens, and continuing to ‘justify’ draconian restrictions on our rights and freedoms.


CBC fails to get strong ratings, and when people do watch they are subjected to divisive propaganda that does the bidding of the federal government and the Liberals.

All of that would be fine, if CBC was funded by those who chose to fund them.

But, as with all statists, CBC and the Liberals don’t feel we should have that choice.

Instead, they force us to fund them by taking our tax dollars and giving them to CBC without our consent.

The more of our tax dollars they take, the more they will continue to serve the interests of the Liberals to the detriment of the rest of the country, since the Liberals are the ones who keep giving our money away to prop the CBC up.

Think about it this way: Those who support the freedom convoy are being demonized as tools of Russia by CBC, even as they are forced to fund CBC.

That is a disgrace.

As a believer in free speech, CBC has every right to say what they want and push whatever perspective they want, but that only applies if they are funded through choice, rather than through coercion.

Copying authoritarian states

That coercion has been what politicians like Trudeau and many provincial premiers have used to try and get their way, using state power and taking away rights and freedoms.

In that way, they have moved Canada closer and closer to being an authoritarian state, rather than the free country we are supposed to be.

And, as I noted on Twitter, it’s quite ironic that the CBC is trying to claim the convoy is a result of foreign influence, since that’s the exact argument that authoritarian states like to use whenever anyone pushes back against them:

“The irony is this is exactly what authoritarian governments claim about every protest. It’s always a foreign country to blame. Interesting to see CBC fully embrace the role of state-propagandist.”

You can’t be a free country and have a state-run propaganda outlet

While CBC’s attempt to claim Russia is behind the convoy is laughable in its absurdity and desperation, it is also dangerous, because it shows the attitude that exists in the CBC and in the government.

Remember, this is the same government that is trying to censor the internet and expand government control over what we can and can’t say, read, and listen to. They are clearly emulating authoritarian states, trying to demonize and silence their critics and use every opportunity to expand their power at the expense of our freedom.

Canada can never really be a free country if we are forced to give our tax dollars to a state propaganda outlet that demonizes Canadian Citizens and seeks to push the narrative of the government.

This is why, for the good of our nation, CBC must be defunded, and – if it exists in any form – must be made to rely only on voluntary contributions, not our tax dollars.

Canadians must have the right to freely pick and choose which outlets and organizations we support, rather than having statist politicians impose their own malign will over our own freedom.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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