Trudeau’s Canada: Stagnation. Inflation. Division.

Invoking the Emergencies Act in response to a situation he caused and inflamed is a tacit admission of his complete failure as a leader.

And so, we have arrived at the end result of Justin Trudeau’s years of wrecking our economy while dividing the nation:

An economy in tatters, propped up by a gargantuan amount of printed money.

Per-capita income in freefall, leaving Canadians poorer and poorer.

Inflation reaching the highest level in decades, making life less and less affordable.

A country more divided than ever before, with anger and rage spreading throughout the nation.

An authoritarian response to a pandemic, and a response that gets more and more authoritarian here as the world moves in the opposite direction, further fueling national divisions.

And finally, the invocation of the Emergencies Act (the successor to the War Measures Act), represents the end result of all of this: A nation that can’t be unified by a failed leader who decides instead to revert to all he has left: Force & Fear.

Already, real leaders like Scott Moe in Saskatchewan are slamming Trudeau’s move:

“The illegal blockades must end, but police already have sufficient tools to enforce the law and clear the blockades, as they did over the weekend in Windsor.”

“Therefore, Saskatchewan does not support the Trudeau government invoking the Emergencies Act.

If the federal government does proceed with this measure, I would hope it would only be invoked in provinces that request it, as the legislation allows.”

Trudeau causes the problem, then makes it worse

Let’s remember how we got here.

Through the entire pandemic, there was no vaccine requirement for truckers.

After all, the economy can’t function without truckers, and they spend most of their working time isolated from others.

By definition, trucking is quite a solitary profession.

There was no evidence showing truckers were a key vector of virus spread, and had never been brought up as a problem previously.

Additionally, with the spread of Omicron, even many establishment health officials were noting that vaccine mandates were becoming pointless in terms of doing anything to mitigate spread.

On top of that, many jurisdictions and countries around the world were loosening and eliminating restrictions and mandates, realizing that covid is becoming something endemic that societies will have to live with.

So, with all of that in mind, you realize how there is no case at all for imposing a vaccine mandate on truckers.

Yet, that’s what Justin Trudeau did anyway.

He did so after an election campaign in which – in a reversal of his previous stance – he decided to use vaccination status as a wedge issue, and used incredibly divisive rhetoric. Doing so benefitted him politically, as he and the Liberals held on to power – albeit with the weakest popular vote percentage of any ‘winner’ in Canadian history.

But the consequences of dividing a country and pitting people against each other doesn’t just go away.

Trudeau primed the nation for an outpouring of anger and division, particularly since Canadians had already been among the most restricted and locked-down people in the world.

He pushed and pushed and pushed, and kept getting away with it, as ‘polite and nice’ Canadians went along with what the government said.

Until they didn’t.

Everyone – even the most polite people – have a limit.

And when Trudeau continued to tell Canadians to ‘hunker down’ as the rest of the world began opening, when he reverted to the same rhetoric he used last year of ‘just a little longer,’ and when he imposed a vaccine mandate on truckers, a tipping point was reached.

And now, there’s no going back.

A critical mass of Canadians have now seen how being nice and submissive was used against them, and have spoken out, and stood up for our rights and freedoms.

Even more Canadians have now seen how authoritarian the government is, and are asking some difficult questions about why Trudeau and the Liberals are so determined to keep our country in a state of crisis and fear, rather than look to the rest of the world and open up.

All of this could have been prevented if Trudeau hadn’t brought in a vaccine mandate on truckers, and there would have been no escalation if Trudeau had simply ended the mandates.

It’s that simple.

End the mandates, return life to normal, let individual Canadians and businesses freely choose our own level of risk.

But instead, Trudeau continues to go in the other direction, doubling and tripling-down on state power at the expense of individual freedom.

Trudeau doesn’t want the crisis to end

It is abundantly clear that Trudeau doesn’t want life to return to normal, and doesn’t want the crisis to end.

After causing the convoy in the first place through his imposition of a vaccine mandate on Canadian truckers, Trudeau then inflamed the situation at every step of the way, using divisive rhetoric to demonize all Canadians who supported the removal of mandates.

And as noted by Pierre Poilievre, this could all go away if Trudeau ended the mandates:

“Trudeau has created a political emergency. He can end it, by reversing his mandates and restrictions.”

All along, Trudeau seemed intent on generating more and more and more anger, likely to ‘achieve’ exactly what is happening at this moment: a pretext to further expand government power.

A failed leader

When comparing Canada before Trudeau took office to Canada now, is to realize that our nation is poorer, more divided, and more angry.

Our economy was weak and stagnating even before covid.

Inflation is hitting decade-high levels, meaning any ‘growth’ we have is cancelled out by the rising cost of living.

And the divisions in our nation are worse than at any time in recent memory.

Ironically, it is to the credit of the protestors that things aren’t worse, as Trudeau’s attempts to incite anger have largely been met with messages of unity, hope, and optimism from the freedom-loving protestors.

When we take all of this into account, the conclusion we reach is that Justin Trudeau has been a total failure as a leader. Indeed, he has been almost an ‘anti-leader,’ leaving people less united and our nation less prosperous than before he took power.

His time in office has been an absolute disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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