Pierre Poilievre Campaign Unveils Stunning Number Of Memberships

Over 311,000 memberships sold more than doubles the figure claimed by the Patrick Brown campaign. And the Jean Charest campaign won’t even reveal a number.

Yesterday, one CPC leadership candidates revealed their membership sale numbers, while another claimed they were winning on ‘points.’

Patrick Brown said his campaign signed up over 150,000 members:

The Charest campaign – clearly lacking an impressive number of memberships sold – instead tried to claim they are winning on ‘points.’

While Charest’s claim about points has been regarded by most as a sign of weakness, Brown’s number of memberships sold appeared quite impressive.

Until the Poilievre campaign unveiled their numbers.

Over 311,000

On Twitter, the Poilievre campaign revealed that they have sold over 311,000 memberships:

“311,958 Canadians joined the CPC through the http://pierre4pm.ca membership website.

Last night, Pierre’s campaign wrote CPC HQ asking it to publicly release the number of memberships sold through the http://pierre4pm.ca website. We encourage all campaigns to follow suit”

It’s important to point out that the Poilievre campaign has revealed a specific number, while the Brown campaign claimed over “150,000”.

The fact that the Poilievre campaign has the confidence to both give a specific number and call on other campaigns to reveal their sales demonstrates the strength of their membership drive.

People involved in the Poilievre campaign have gone into more detail on their membership sales, showing that they recruited people across the nation:

“Not only did we sell over 25k in Québec, we also sold a minimum of 100 cards in every single one of Québec’s 78 ridings.

How is that for efficiency?”

“And before people start the “but his sales were inefficient”, we sold over 25k in Québec.

For perspective, total membership in Québec in the last leadership race was around 13000. Membership before this race started was about 7500.”

“To put this in perspective, the TOTAL CPC membership in the last Leadership race (2020) was just under 270,000 members and that was a record at the time.

This is a movement unlike anything modern Canadian politics has seen before.”

“And again, this is why claiming you have sold enough memberships to win a leadership race when you haven’t the frankest clue how many your opponents have sold is always a bad move.”

The number of members recruited by the Poilievre campaign is so massive that it turns out to be the most in Canadian history.

Not just in a CPC race, but in any leadership race EVER.

Crowds translate into real strength

As Pierre Poilievre drew massive and often unprecedented crowds throughout the country, his opponents and much of the establishment media attempted to downplay the importance of those crowds.

Well, it’s beyond clear now that those crowds were a demonstration of real support for the Poilievre campaign.

As Canada becomes increasingly impoverished and divided under the policies of Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, the Bank of Canada, and the failed political class, Poilievre has been the most consistent in pushing for accountable institutions, limited government, lower taxes, and increased personal freedom.

As a result, the Conservative base is rewarding Poilievre with strong support, and his campaign has massively expanded that base with their stunning membership haul.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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