Canadian Airports Council Calls For Removal Of Federal Vaccine Mandates

More and more people are speaking out against the vendetta-driven policies of the Trudeau government that are causing so many problems.

As the situation at Canada’s airports becomes more and more disastrous, and as Canada is a global outlier in terms of still imposing vaccine mandates for travel, more voices are speaking out.

The Canadian Airports Council – which describes itself as “the voice of Canada’s airports community” – is calling for an end to the federal vaccine mandates.

Here is their full statement:

“Canada’s Airports call for the removal of vaccine requirements for all air passengers and aviation employees.

The aviation community has been a supportive partner of the federal government in facilitating the vaccine mandate for travel since October 2021.

However, today all Canadian provinces have removed vaccine restrictions, so there is now a different standard for aviation employees and transportation than for other Canadians.

Aviation is global. In order to support this industry’s economic recovery and compete globally, Canada must align with the international community and join the list of over 50 countries that have already removed vaccine mandate and COVID protocols for travel.”

On Twitter, Pierre Poilievre – who has introduced legislation in Parliament to end the Covid-19 vaccine mandates – said it’s time to stop the “COVID theatre.”

“Canada’s airports echoing the same message they’re hearing from Canadians who are frustrated by their awful travel experiences. Get rid of the mandates. All of them. Stop the COVID theatre.”

Trudeau ignores science & economic damage to pursue vendetta-driven policies

With so many people speaking out against the federal vaccine mandate, and with the policy lacking scientific backing, it is obviously now vendetta-driven.

Justin Trudeau hates the fact that many unvaccinated Canadians oppose him politically, and he’s addicted to the expanded government power and control the pandemic has generated.

So, he’s keeping the federal vaccine mandate in place in order to demonstrate his power and to punish his ideological opponents.

It’s the kind of action you would expect from a dictator, not from the leader of a supposedly free and democratic nation.

Canadians must keep speaking out against Trudeau’s unscientific vendetta-driven policies in order to ensure the maximum amount of pressure on the Trudeau government to finally restore some Liberty in this country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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