Establishment Press Unwilling To Just Admit That Marco Mendicino Lied To The Canadian People

They continue to cover for the Liberals.

Marco Mendicino has repeatedly lied to Canadians in his attempt to defend the Liberals’ use of the authoritarian Emergencies Act.

One after another, police departments, officials, the RCMP, and more have all said they didn’t ask for the Emergencies Act.

The problem for Mendicino is that he used that claim as the justification for imposing the Act.

He lied.

That is simply a fact.

And the Liberals can’t evade that fact no matter how much they try.

And, they are indeed trying, with a big assist from the establishment press.

Consider this CTV headline:

“Mendicino was ‘misunderstood’ in saying police asked for Emergencies Act: deputy minister”

That’s the line the Liberals and establishment media are going with:


Of course, you and I know that “misunderstood” really means “lying,” don’t we?

The evidence makes that undeniable, yet the media continues gaslighting Canadians:

“How quickly our Media who was present at all the previous pressers and who shared videos of @marcomendicino saying those exact words, are now spreading @liberal_party gaslighting.

At what point are we going to address that this a problem.”

If the establishment press actually wanted to do their jobs rather than covering for the dishonest Trudeau Liberals, it would take just a tiny amount of time to find evidence of Mendicino’s lies:




“Public Safety Minister @marcomendicino’s office is now claiming he was misunderstood when he said police advised the Liberal government to use the Emergencies Act

Here’s a clip of him saying exactly that about a dozen times in the House of Commons

What’s there to misunderstand?”

More quotes from Mendicino:


The Liberals are lying to the Canadian People to try and cover up their abuse of the Emergencies Act

All Canadians should be incredibly disturbed by what is happening:

The Trudeau Liberal government used the authoritarian Emergencies Act to take away the rights and freedoms of Canadians, and did so based upon a lie.

Now that their lie is being exposed, they are trying to change their story.

The same government that is demanding the power to police the internet and control ‘disinformation’ is the biggest spreader of disinformation in the entire nation, and they are the most dangerous since they use that disinformation to justify attacks on our rights.

The longer the establishment press continues avoiding that reality, and the longer they cover for the Liberals, the more their already-dwindling credibility will collapse even further.

Spencer Fernando

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