The Charest & Brown Campaigns Are Already Acting Like Sore Losers

Attempting to delegitimize an election that hasn’t even happened and calling for the race to be delayed are the actions of desperate and flailing campaigns.

Even before membership numbers were announced, the Charest & Brown campaigns had an air of desperation.

They had been launching increasingly unhinged attacks on Pierre Poilievre, while giving Trudeau a free pass.

Both Charest & Brown were basically doing Justin Trudeau’s work for him, teeing up attacks the Liberals will attempt to use against the CPC if Poilievre wins.

The Charest & Brown campaigns seemed desperate and willing to say literally anything.

And ever since the Pierre Poilievre campaign announced their massive membership haul, that desperation has only increased.

Even before any results are in, both the Brown & Charest campaigns are acting like sore losers, even seeming to cast doubt on the potential result:

“If this race isn’t transparent, the new leader will have no credibility. @CPC_HQ must not let that happen #cpcldr #cdnpoli”

As people have noted on Twitter, this is some conspiratorial-type thinking:

“The Charest campaign has now resorted to conspiracies about the validity of an election that has yet to take place.”

Additionally, Patrick Brown – who skipped one of the CPC leadership debates – is now calling for more:

“I would welcome a third official #cpcldr debate!”

Charest is also pushing for more debates:

Notice how both the Charest and Brown campaigns are talking about a ‘transparent’ race. This is a clear attempt by them to start setting a narrative to delegitimize the results if Poilievre wins.

Shift since Poilievre’s membership numbers revealed

As noted above, there has been a noticeable shift since the Poilievre campaign revealed that they sold over 300,000 memberships.

If – as sources indicate – the entire CPC membership now stands at about 600,000, then Poilievre has a decisive lead.

As you think about it, you can realize that this means the only chance the Brown & Charest campaigns have of winning is to try and extend the race and use the extra time to destroy Poilievre’s image.

They want more debates so they can fling more pathetic radical left Trudeau-style accusations at Poilievre, and they want the race extended so the establishment press has more time to attack Poilievre.

As soon as you realize that truth, you see exactly why Trudeau must be loving what the Charest & Brown campaigns are doing.

Trudeau wants the CPC race to go as long as possible, he wants the CPC as divided as possible, and he wants to see Poilievre’s image ruined.

Charest & Brown are feeding into that.

They are also demonstrating a total lack of confidence in their own campaigns.

If they really believed they were doing well, why ask for more debates? Why ask for the race to be extended? Why seek to further damage Poilievre, even as MPs endorse Poilievre in ever-increasing numbers?

The fact is that the CPC base has made it clear they want Poilievre to lead the party, and both Charest & Brown have contempt for the CPC base.

They would rather push the dishonest narratives of the state-controlled establishment press.

It’s now clear for everyone to see: The Brown & Charest campaigns are acting like sore losers before the results are even in.

Spencer Fernando


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