Even Liberal MPs Are Turning Against Trudeau’s Authoritarian Travel Bans

Canada is an international outlier – and not in a good way.

In the lead up to the 2015 election, Justin Trudeau often talked about how many Canadians felt their MPs represented the Prime Minister’s Office rather than their constituencies.

It was an effective line and an effective talking point, as it resonated with the widespread feeling that power had become too centralized.

Of course, Trudeau pulled a fast-one on Canadians.

Once he took power, he centralized control in the PMO even more than Harper did.

Further, while Harper was often known for listening to differing internal perspectives, Trudeau has been far less tolerant.

Those who actually believed him when he talked about “openness” and “transparency” and tried to live up to it – like Jody Wilson-Raybould – were quickly ostracized and replaced by sycophants.

Indeed, a defining focus of Justin Trudeau’s time in office has been to weed out those who would question him, and turn the Liberal Party/federal government into a machine that would unquestionably impose his will.

That’s what makes it all the more stunning that – even in such a hyper-controlled & sycophantic atmosphere – Liberal MPs appear to be turning against Justin Trudeau’s continued imposition of vindictive travel bans:

The call is coming from inside the house, Justin 👀

When even Liberals are turning on Trudeau’s unscientific & vindictive mandates, it’s time to *finally* do the right thing.

We want to send 10k signatures to the PMO next week. Sign to END THE MANDATES: https://nationalcitizens.ca/endthemandates


As I noted in the previous article, Trudeau continues to act more and more like a dictator.

It appears even those who acquiesced to Trudeau’s agenda are starting to have second thoughts.

They are now associated with and complicit in Canada denying rights to millions of our Citizens, and imposing vindictive and unscientific mandates that put us completely out of step with the rest of the world.

They are watching as Canada is more divided than ever, with the level of public anger continuing to grow.

And they’re likely asking themselves if this is really what they signed on for.

However, internal disagreement isn’t enough at this point.

With the rights and freedoms of Canadians under assault, our airports in chaos, our economy reeling, and our nation divided, Liberals MPs must have the courage to openly and publicly speak out against what Justin Trudeau is doing.

There’s nothing ‘liberal’ – in the traditional sense – about Justin Trudeau.

He has turned the Liberal Party into his own authoritarian personality cult, and Liberal MPs who still believe in public service and individual freedom need to make themselves heard in opposition to Trudeau’s destructive anti-Canadian agenda.

Spencer Fernando


The Trudeau Liberals are dividing our country and wrecking our economy, while much of the media gives them a free pass. Canada needs independent voices to push back. If you support my independent voice, you can make a contribution through PayPal, or directly through Stripe below.

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