With Their Lies Exposed, Trudeau Liberals Now Changing Their Story On Emergencies Act

Nothing the Liberals say can be trusted…

With Marco Mendicino’s lies having fully run their course and ended up completely discredited, the Trudeau Liberals are now changing their story on the Emergencies Act.

Emergency preparedness minister Bill Blair is the latest to admit that the police didn’t ask for the Emergencies Act to be invoked:

“I’m not aware of any recommendation of law enforcement,” Blair said Tuesday. “Quite frankly, this is a decision of government.”

Blair said during the “Freedom Convoy” he spoke regularly with police who “were clearly having difficulties” restoring law and order, and that his role was to try to figure out why that was happening.

In response to Sen. Claude Carignan, who asked if Blair was aware of any such recommendation, he said, “Frankly I would have been quite surprised if the police had actually made a policy recommendation or asked for any legislative authority.”

“I do not believe that would have been an appropriate thing for law enforcement to ask, and they did not ask,” Blair said.”

Remember, the idea that the police asked for the Act to be invoked was THE justification for it.

It was the entire basis of the Liberal argument for bringing in draconian measures, and it’s how public safety minister Marco Mendicino defended it over and over again.

Trudeau has also publicly stated that they invoked the Act because police asked for it.

A changing story

Like all dishonest authoritarians, the Trudeau Liberals have no problem shifting to new lies.

With their “the police asked for it” lie having been exposed and discredited, the Liberals are changing their story.

Now, they’re trying to claim the Emergencies Act was invoked because of the economy:

“It was clear to me that with each passing hour, our economic reputation with the United States as a reliable trading partner and as a reliable investment destination was being damaged,” said Freeland.

“I was deeply, deeply concerned that these illegal blockades and this illegal occupation would provoke a whole new wave of protectionism and deeply erode our trading relationship with the United States. That was a real economic threat.”

Freeland also said the economic damage would be felt “in the years ahead.”

It’s very important for us to consider what this means, and how dangerous the new Liberal argument is:

Chrystia Freeland is saying that possible damage to Canada’s economic reputation in the future is a justification for invoking authoritarian government powers to crush protests and seize bank accounts.

Imagine if a Conservative government used that power against left-wing protestors or Indigenous groups, and then justified it by bringing up future economic concerns?

The Liberal Establishment Media would go crazy, talking about ‘fascism’ and ‘authoritarianism.’

For the Liberals to now shift their story demonstrates their immense dishonesty and their contempt for Canadians.

Having tried out one set of lies to justify the unjustifiable, they now expect us to believe their new lies.

The fact is, nothing the Trudeau government says can be trusted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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