Pierre Poilievre’s Free Speech Act Would Help Turn The Tide Against Rising Government Censorship

Under the Trudeau Liberals, the Canadian government has become increasingly hostile to freedom of expression, and that trend must be stopped.

Something that Pierre Poilievre’s opponents in the Charest & Brown campaigns still don’t seem to understand is that Conservatives aren’t looking for a subtle tweak to Trudeau’s governing style.

They aren’t seeking a simple change of the Liberal brand for the Conservative brand to cover up the same policies.

Conservatives want a decisive break from Trudeau’s style and his policies.

They want a rejection and reversal of Trudeau’s agenda.

Poilievre continues to show that he understands that, and his plan to introduce a Free Speech Act demonstrates it even more.

With free speech and free expression under assault from the Trudeau Liberals, the NDP, and much of the establishment press, Canada needs not only to stop Trudeau’s anti-free speech policies but go completely in the other direction.

The government is supposed to be on the side of Canadians, not against Canadians, and should be defending our free expression rather than trying to control and suppress it.

The internet is merely the new town square, and the new printing press, and it should be defended from government censorship and power-hungry politicians like Trudeau & Singh.

With the Free Speech Act, Poilievre is promising to do just that:

“Liberal gatekeepers and censors want to control what you see and say online.

I won’t let them.

As Prime Minister, I will introduce a Free Speech Act to defend your charter right to freedom of expression on the Internet.”

Poilievre says the Free Speech Act would repeal Bill C-11, and would get rid of the “Digital Safety Commissioner,” an Orwellian position being created by the Trudeau Liberals.

“Freedom of expression is one of our most precious charter rights, without which no other rights are possible. The current government has attempted to rob Canadians of those rights. I will restore them, to put Canadians back in control of their lives and make Canada the freest nation on earth,” said Poilievre in a campaign release.

Poilievre understands that fundamental rights in Canada are under attack from the Trudeau-Singh government pact, and that it’s not enough to just tweak around the edges of those dangerous policies.

Instead, those policies must be rejected and replaced with a strong and unwavering defense of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and the Free Speech Act would be an important step in reversing the damage Trudeau and the Liberals have done.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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