Establishment Already Focusing On Tone Trolling To Deflect Attention Away From Shocking Brenda Lucki-Trudeau PMO Story

Expect more of this as outrage against Trudeau’s subversion of Canadian institutions escalates.

It didn’t take long.

With outrage growing amid reports that RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki tried to exploit a mass shooting to push Trudeau’s agenda, the establishment is already focused on “tone-trolling” or “tone-policing” to deflect attention elsewhere.

But now, with Canadians waking up to the tricks of the establishment, people are pushing back.

Toronto Star reporter Bruce Arthur tried to criticize Pierre Poilievre for calling the exploitation of a tragedy “sick”:

“I think this is a story that should be examined, but side note, pay attention to how Poilievre talks about his opponents. It’s dangerous shit.”

Noting the total hypocrisy of trying to focus on ‘tone’ rather than the horrifying scandal, people pushed back:

“This is the kind of response media subsidies can buy.”

“People on the left are far more explicit in their hatred for conservatives and for unvaccinated people, even worse. Over the last two years, there have been people calling for unvaccinated people to be imprisoned, kicked out of their jobs and homes, violently attacked.”

“What’s actually dangerous: When the media thinks the public outrage over the government’s abuse of power is a bigger problem than the abuse of power itself. This is why Trudeau pays them. With your money. It’s worth so much to him.”

“The flowchart script includes many elements like “racist”, “bigoted”, “selfish”, etc, but the ultimate failsafe when there is no other line of attack is always a purposefully vague appeal to “tone”. Take any such appeals to tone as a tacit admission that they have nothing else.”

“Yes, the *real* story here is the language some are using to criticize it. Not that the national police force might have been dragooned into a political PR campaign in the aftermath of a mass shooting. But words. WORDS.”

“Remarkable. A major scandal is unfolding that is exactly the kind of scandal that corrodes and eats away at public trust in institutions. But what this guy finds really concerning is the language that Poilievre uses calling out the scandal.”

“Your newspaper’s “let them die” is totally apt and kind rhetoric by comparison eh?”

Establishment devoid of credibility

The establishment has destroyed it’s own credibility.

They lack any logical arguments to defend their endless failures.

As a result, all they have are distractions.

That’s what this ‘tone policing’ is all about.

They are trying to redirect attention and focus away from the scandal, and towards reactions to the scandal.

We must not let that happen.

Calling out the sick actions of the establishment is 100% correct, and using the word “sick” is honest, truthful, and fully justified.

We must all have the courage and strength to confront the establishment and take back our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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