59% Of Canadians Say We Are Already In A Recession

Canadians don’t need to wait for official word from our institutions to know that our economy is in a dire situation.

While the Liberal government and establishment press do everything they can to gaslight Canadians about the state of our economy, a new survey shows that reality is winning out over propaganda.

According to a Leger poll, 59% of Canadians say Canada is currently in a recession, compared to just 27% who say our country is not in a recession.

Canadians expect prices to rise

People are even more pessimistic when it comes to inflation.

A whopping 81% of responds believe “prices are going to continue to rise for the foreseeable future,” compared to just 12% who say “we have seen the worst of rising prices and things are starting to get better.”

This number is notable, because high inflation expectations can lead to even higher inflation, as people front-load their purchases to try and make the most of their earning power before it erodes further.

It also demonstrates how little trust Canadians have in the Bank of Canada & Trudeau government.

While the government and BoC claim to want to fight inflation, Canadians can see that both institutions have driven up inflation and caused the current crisis.

In particular, the Liberal government is purposely driving up prices with the carbon tax and an anti-energy industry agenda.

The Trudeau Liberals want higher inflation, because they want to impoverish Canadians and make more of us dependent upon the government.

A pessimistic outlook based upon reality

Clearly, Canadians are feeling pessimistic, and that pessimism is entirely justified given the circumstances.

We have a government that is purposely seeking to make us worse off financially, and a central bank that demonstrated immense incompetence/mendacity by dismissing warnings of higher inflation until it was too late.

In this situation, a pessimistic outlook is a realistic outlook.

The fact is our country is in serious trouble, and those at the top are deliberately making our lives worse.

Canadians waking up to this disturbing reality is the first step in changing it.

Spencer Fernando


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