The Liberals Think You Should Be Grateful For Their Disastrous Governance

Arrogant & completely out-of-touch with what’s happening on the ground.

The airports are a disaster.

The passport application system is a joke.

Inflation is surging.

Taxes are rising.

Crime is going up while the government targets law-abiding gun owners.

Institutions like the RCMP are being turned into extensions of the Liberal political machine.

The media is full of lies.

The Bank of Canada has no idea what it is doing.

The Supreme Court goes easy on mass murderers while peaceful protestors are punished.

Our country is more divided than ever.

Nothing seems to work, and it’s all getting worse.

Yet, amid all the evidence of how absolutely disastrous the Liberals have been in power, it would seem they expect you to be grateful:

“The public sector got us through two years of pandemic, vaccinated everyone who wanted one, and kept several million Canadian households from going bankrupt. But the commentariat has declared Canada broken because they have to wait for their passports?

That sound about right?”

“Honestly, people. Travel is super annoying right now. CATSA should be doing a better job, the airport authorities are lost, and the passport office is a mess. But keep some perspective. Our public institutions work. They can always be better, but they could be a lot worse.”

Living in an alternate reality

It would seem the Liberals are falling into the pattern that afflicts overly-ideological regimes.

When reality doesn’t match up with their ideology, they invent a new reality.

From an objective perspective, Canada is doing terribly.

59% of Canadians already think we are in a recession.

More than a quarter of all Canadians are cutting back on necessities.

A majority believe our country is on the wrong track.

Also of note is that the CPC leadership race is being dominated by the candidate most opposed to the Trudeau agenda – a demonstration that voters are looking for a drastic change.

So, the Liberals have decided to pretend that everything is great, and attack anyone who doesn’t accept their fiction.

Liberals counting on media support to spread their alternate reality

Without the media on their side, the Liberals would undoubtedly be headed for a massive defeat in the next election.

But it won’t be that easy.

Having co-opted much of the press, the Liberals have control over a massive propaganda machine to spread their alternate reality.

Thus, the upcoming election – and every day in between now and election day – will be an ongoing battle between those of us who value the truth vs those who serve the dangerous Liberal government effort to spread lies and deception across the nation.

Spencer Fernando


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