Ukraine Is Finding Out What Canadians Already Knew About Trudeau

He’s a weak, gutless, virtue-signalling politician who only shows ‘toughness’ when it comes to punishing his own Citizens.

Early on in Russia’s war against Ukraine, Justin Trudeau said all the right things.

He pledged money – something he loves doing.

He promised to bring in refugees.

And he even promised military equipment – though what Canada can give in that regard was severely limited.

This led to Trudeau being praised by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

After all, Zelensky was – and is – in a desperate situation, and any help he could get was understandably welcome.

But, just as Canadians learned the hard way about giving Trudeau the benefit of the doubt, Zelensky and Ukraine are seeing Trudeau for what he really is:

“Ukrainian President Zelensky releases angry video criticizing Justin Trudeau’s government for returning Russian-made Nordstream wind turbines back to Germany.”

Returning the turbines violates Canada’s sanctions on Russia, yet the Liberal government has chosen to wave the sanctions in this instance.

There is deep irony here, as the Liberals would have accused others of being ‘pro-Putin’ had another party done the same.

Further, Germany finds itself in such a desperate position because they embraced the same anti-fossil fuel ‘green’ agenda that Trudeau is pushing in Canada.

And finally, the Trudeau Liberals have been some of the biggest inadvertant allies of Russia, by restricting Canadian energy production and thus enabling Russia to grow wealthier and keeping Europe looked into dependence.

Ukraine discovers what Canadians already knew

Zelensky is correct that Russia will look at Trudeau’s actions as weakness, but that won’t be a big change from how Russia already perceives Canada.

China too clearly sees Trudeau as weak.

Trudeau loves to talk a big game, but when confronted by ruthless leaders he always gives in.

Trudeau is a cowardly and gutless individual, as we saw when he repeatedly talked nice to former US President Donald Trump’s face, and then bad mouthed him behind the scenes.

The only time Trudeau shows ‘toughness’ is when he abuses Canada’s emergency powers to punish Canadians who disagree with him.

It’s classic authoritarian behaviour, as Trudeau only picks on those he views as being in a weaker position than him, while showing submission towards those he perceives as stronger.

Simply put, Trudeau cannot be trusted.

Ukraine is now learning this the hard way.

Spencer Fernando


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