Do Canadians Get It Yet? The Liberals Want You To Be Poor

Canadians must stop believing the government is “on our side.” It most certainly is not.

The Trudeau Liberals spent years trying to wreck the Canadian energy sector.

As a consequence, the cost-of-living, including the cost of energy, has risen dramatically, something that wouldn’t have happened (at least not to the same extent) if Canada had been effectively making use of our abundant natural resources.

But that’s not enough.

The Liberals are now setting their sights on Canadian farmers, seeking to impose the same disastrous policies that have caused such a massive backlash in the Netherlands.

And, as reported by Brian Lilley, the Liberals are doing so despite warnings from many provincial agricultural ministers:

“A meeting of federal and provincial ministers wrapped up in Saskatoon on Friday with several provinces saying they are disappointed.

The federal government is looking to impose a requirement to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from fertilizers saying it is a greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. While the Trudeau government says they want a 30% reduction in emissions, not fertilizer, farm producer groups say that at this point, reducing nitrous oxide emissions can’t be done without reducing fertilizer use.

“Provinces were disappointed by the lack of flexibility and consultation regarding the federal target,” Ontario’s Lisa Thompson said after the meeting.”

This will mean less food, and higher prices:

“Several provincial governments, and organizations representing farmers have asked for emissions reductions from fertilizer to be measured via intensity – how much food is produced compared to the amount of fertilizer used. The Trudeau government is demanding an absolute reduction in emissions, which farmers say will result in less food being produced at a time when the world can ill afford it.”

It’s about making you poorer

Wealthy, healthy, and confident citizens are impossible to control.

Sick, hungry, impoverished citizens are – provided they still have just enough to barely subsist – are easy to control.

Which one do you think the Liberals want?

All of their policies are an attempt to make Canadians poorer, to take your money and your freedom away from you.

This isn’t about the ‘environment’:

The Liberals know that whatever Canada does has virtually no impact on the global environment.

They want everything to be more and more expensive.

Of course, they will continue to travel the world, eat whatever they want, live in large houses, and enjoy the material benefits of our civilization, even as they deny others the same opportunity.

If you’re reading this, you are likely already someone who realizes the government isn’t on our side.

However, many Canadians still mistakenly believe the governments wants to help people.

So, it is essential for those of us who can see the truth to share this with others, and help people connect-the-dots between Liberal policy, and the rapid erosion of our purchasing power.

Canadians are being ruled by a government that is deliberately seeking to impoverish our Citizens, and this becomes more and more obvious each and every day.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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