Negative Impressions Of Trudeau Reach New High As Conservative Lead Grows

Intensity of negative opinion towards Trudeau also reaches highest level in new Abacus Poll.

As Canadians continue to suffer under Liberal economic policies, and as our freedoms continue to be under sustained attack, Justin Trudeau is less and less popular.

In a new Abacus Poll, 51% of Canadians say they have a negative view of Trudeau, compared to 31% who have a positive impression of him.

That 20 point gap is the largest ever recorded in an Abacus poll, demonstrating the extent to which Trudeau’s popularity has fallen.

Meanwhile, Pierre Poilievre’s net negative rating is just 7 points, making his numbers much better than Trudeau.

Not only is Trudeau deeply unpopular, but those with negative views feel much more strongly than those with positive views.

34% say they have a strongly negative view towards him, while just 9% have a very positive view.

So, even among his supporters there are mostly tepid feelings, while those who oppose Trudeau oppose him vehemently.

Conservatives expand lead

With negative impressions of Trudeau growing, the poll also shows the Conservatives leading the Liberals, 35% to 30%.

The NDP are at 19%.

The Bloc, PPC, and Greens are at 7%, 4%, and 4% respectively.

Growing anger towards the Neo-Communist agenda

As we know, the Liberals are purposely trying to impoverish Canadians through the carbon tax, anti-energy sector policies, and impending fertilizer cuts that will drive up food prices even more.

As more Canadians realize this, more will turn against Trudeau.

That’s why the establishment media will do everything they can to spread lies and distort what is happening.

There is an all out battle going on between the forces of truth, and the forces of corruption, and we must ensure that truth wins.

Spencer Fernando


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