Liberals Set To Betray Dental Care Promise To NDP, Will Give Out More Money Instead

Incompetence and endless deficit spending. Two Trudeau Liberal trademarks.

Jagmeet Singh is now saying that he will end his ‘coalition’ deal with the Liberals if they don’t keep their promise on dental care.

But it looks like the Liberals are going to call his bluff.

The Liberals are set to break their promise, having been unable to put together a program to provide ‘free’ (aka taxpayer funded) dental care to lower and middle income Canadians.

Instead, the Liberals will further increase the budget deficit and just give out money Canada doesn’t really have.

They are set to give out money to those who would have qualified for the national program.

So, what will be the outcome of this?

Higher inflation, and more debt.

Since Canada is already running huge budget deficits, this is money the country doesn’t actually have.

So, they will borrow more, at a time when borrowing costs are rising.

This will mean even more printed money flooding into the system, which will drive up inflation by making our money less valuable.

Of course, the spending on dental care isn’t the biggest source of government spending or inflation, but it demonstrates that the Liberals have zero intention of reining in massive spending levels.

Is Jagmeet Singh getting played again?

It would appear that Jagmeet Singh is once again being played here.

He is completely out of his depth, propping up the Liberals on one hand while repeatedly criticizing them on the other.

Now, the Liberals are set to break the deal they had with him, and try covering that up by just throwing money around.

The Liberals are betting that the financially-struggling NDP won’t risk an election, and they are betting that Jagmeet Singh’s weakness will continue to be easily exploitable.

We remember when the Liberals played Singh on the Emergencies Act, as he abandoned the NDP’s pro-civil liberties past and decided to endorse Trudeau’s abuse of government power, only to have the Liberals backtrack on the Act about a day later, leaving Singh looking like an absolute fool.

It would seem Singh didn’t get his fill of being betrayed by the Liberals, and he’s back for another round.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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