The Liberals Sure Don’t Like People Warning About The Loss Of Freedom In Canada

They’ll only be happy when those who disagree with them are silenced.

Recently, I posted the following video where I discussed the importance of Canadians standing up for our rights and freedoms:

“The Liberal government has taken advantage of Canadian ‘niceness’ in order to get people to meekly go along with an assault on our rights and freedoms. Sometimes, being angry – when it is channeled peacefully – is far better than being ‘nice’.”

The response was largely positive, because more and more Canadians are realizing how ‘niceness’ has been weaponized against us.

However, there were some Liberals who criticized the message.

One of their main claims was quite odd, and demonstrates something that is important to note about the Liberal mindset.

They claim that having the ability to discuss the loss of freedom means that freedom hasn’t been lost.

It’s the equivalent of “if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear” when discussing privacy.

They say that if Canadians can talk about how our freedoms are being taken and the government is becoming more authoritarian, it means our freedoms aren’t being taken and the government isn’t authoritarian.

The irony here is that accepting that kind of framing would make it impossible to ever warn about the loss of freedom in the first place.

In a country heading towards authoritarianism, there is by definition a moment where most people are free to speak their minds, and then a moment where most are not. That moment is often the result of a specific piece of legislation being passed. Additionally, there are many moments leading up to that moment, where the freedom to speak our minds is slowly but surely curtailed.

So, until freedom of expression is fully extinguished, it can appear to still largely exist. But that doesn’t mean it’s not in danger.

If the Liberals had their way, nobody would be able to talk about the loss of freedom while it still existed, and the moment it didn’t exist then by definition nobody could talk about it.

And that is the point.

The trend in Canada under the Trudeau Liberals has been clear: Year after year, month after month, day after day, our rights and freedoms as Canadians are eroded and the power of centralized government increases.

Canadians like you and me – people who have the strength and courage to see the truth – have woken up to this, and that scares the Liberals.

That’s why they are on the attack, trying to stop people from talking about the loss of freedom in this country. They want us silent until the moment the government has amassed enough power to keep us silent without recourse.

It means we must stand even stronger in defense of our rights and freedoms, and uphold the principles that built this nation no matter how much those principles are under assault.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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