As Canadians Move On, Trudeau Hints At Bringing Back Restrictions

The hypocritical Trudeau government complains about Canada being more angry and divided, even as they attempt to keep Canadians locked into the fear-based pandemic mindset that enabled a huge expansion of government power.

Canadians have moved on from the pandemic.

That has been the case for months, when public opinion dramatically shifted and a clear majority of Canadians expressed opposition to continued mandates and restrictions.

Now a new Abacus Data survey shows just 16% of Canadians say they are “extremely or worried alot” about Covid.

Further, when asked what they expect to happen in the fall, a whopping majority expect things to be easily manageable.

24% say they think that – in the coming months“fewer and fewer” people will get covid before it “eventually disappears.”

66% say “lots of people will get it,” but “symptoms will be mild.”

That adds up to 90% who think the situation won’t be a serious problem.

Meanwhile, just 10% think there will be “many sick, hospitalization,” and “severe illness” will be “widespread.”

When asked “what should governments do,” 25% said that “under no circumstances,” should governments “put in mask, vaccine, other rules.”

52% said – in what is a vaguely worded definition – governments should “be prepared to introduce measures if worse, but don’t push.”

I will note, that seems like a purposely vaguely worded question designed to capture a majority of respondents by seeming ‘moderate’ or ‘middle of the road,’ without being clear.

Finally, 22% say governments should “take all possible measures to reduce spread, even returning to life as in first wave.”

Still, that leaves a clear majority who are against governments pushing new draconian restrictions on Canadians, and an overwhelming majority who think restrictions won’t be necessary as they believe things will be mild going forward.

Yet, as Canadian public opinion shows the country has moved on from the fear-based pandemic mindset, Justin Trudeau is refusing to do so:

“PM Trudeau warns “Covid is not done with us yet.”

He says if 80-90% of eligible Canadians get up to date with their Covid vaccination, “we’ll have a much better winter with much less need” for public health restrictions.”

It is important for Canadians to realize how radical and extreme this is.

Most countries in the world have moved on.

Even Germany – which has often had strict restrictions – is ending their mask mandates on planes.

Canada is an authoritarian outlier on many of these measures now, and Justin Trudeau hinting about bringing draconian restrictions back is more reminiscent of China than it is of the free nations Canada is usually included among.

Unwilling to give up authoritarian power

As we saw with the abuse of the Emergencies Act, the Trudeau government has reveled in the expanded power they’ve gained by keeping Canadians scared.

With that fear eroding, the Trudeau government is failing to do what a truly democratic government would do – respect that it is also time to move on – but are instead seeking to renew that state of fear.

Rather than a return to normal – which was supposed to happen after ‘two weeks to slow the spread,’ the Trudeau government has sought to maintain their expanded level of power.

Just look at the ArriveCAN app, which they are now musing about making permanent.

They know that the more people move on, the more scrutiny governments will face for their power grab.

But they are so addicted to that power, and so desperate to use fear to reshape society, that they won’t give it up until they are defeated and deprived of power by the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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