Another Day, Yet Another Decisive Blow To The Trudeau Liberal Narrative On The Emergencies Act

From the very moment the Act was invoked, the decision has looked worse and worse the more time goes on.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the Liberal decision to invoke the Emergencies Act looks worse and worse everyday.

That was true even before the Inquiry began, especially as Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino kept flailing around trying to find a narrative that could stick.

The Liberals had repeated debunked claims – including saying Freedom Convoy participants attempted to set fire to a building – despite the Ottawa Police definitively saying that wasn’t the case.

And one after another, witnesses in the Inquiry have said they didn’t need the Act.

Most recently, the Liberal narrative that the act was needed has taken a significant blow due to an email from RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, and remarks by Interim Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell.

In an email sent before Trudeau announced the invocation of the Act the same day, Lucki said “I am of the view that we have not yet exhausted all available tools that are already available through the existing legislation. There are instances where charges could be laid under existing authorities for various Criminal Code offences occurring right now in the context of the protest.”

“The Ontario Provincial Emergencies Act just enacted will also help in providing additional deterrent tools to our existing toolbox,” she added.

Act helpful, not necessary according to Interim Ottawa Police Chief

The interim chief added that the provisions under the Emergency Act helped Ottawa Police Service (OPS) put “a very stable platform, a stable environment” around the execution of the police’s plan. He added later that the act was “helpful” in ending the protests, but did not say it was necessary.

“We had a plan. We were going to execute a plan,” said Bell.

The reason this is all so damaging to the Liberal narrative is that they have a high bar to reach in justifying the use of the Emergencies Act.

And it being “helpful” isn’t even close.

The fact that the head of the RCMP – who has often seemed quite willing to push the political agenda of the government – was saying the authorities still had tools to manage the protests on the very day Trudeau invoked the Act again demonstrates that the Liberals were itching to deploy it.

Spin cycle

Every government engages in political spin.

But there is a big difference between governing based on facts and then spinning for political advantage afterwards, and governing based on spin and trying to adjust the facts afterwards.

The Liberals did the latter with the Emergencies Act, invoking draconian government powers without justification and then trying to manufacture the justification after it was too late.

The more we hear from the Inquiry, the more it becomes obvious that the Trudeau government narrative is falling apart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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