Former Liberal Party President Rips Trudeau For Dividing The Country

“He has drastically altered Canadian institutions and norms so considerably that usually calm people are raising their voices in protest.”

In a scathing Toronto Sun column, former Liberal Party of Canada President Stephen LeDrew shredded Justin Trudeau for dividing the country, deepening public anger, and destroying confidence in Canadian institutions.

Here are two key excerpts:

“Just walk or drive through cities and villages and the countryside, and see the Canadian flags — paired with signs expressing vehement disapproval of our federal government. Loyal Canadians are fed up with their federal government.

And one person is responsible for this — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He has drastically altered Canadian institutions and norms so considerably that usually calm people are raising their voices in protest.”

LeDrew also slammed Trudeau’s hypocrisy, and willingness to ruin the lives of others for things far less serious than what Trudeau has done:

“He has cheapened public discourse and public life.

He talks so high-minded, yet has a lifelong history of deplorable acts.

He has arbitrarily ruined the lives of many other people who have been supposedly guilty of far less egregious acts than have been proven by photographs against him — perhaps to deflect his own guilt?

Does “do as I say, not as I do” strike home? How about “one standard for the masses, and another for the elites like me?”

His intolerance, and high-handed and ill-founded rectitude has led many to regard the government with disdain, and doubt its ability to get things right.”

LeDrew is 100% right.

Canada is worse in both material and non-material terms since Trudeau took power.

Canadians are worse off financially.

Canadians are more divided than ever.

Our institutions have crumbled.

Nothing seems to work.

Our voice in the world counts for almost nothing since we can’t back it up with anything real.

Any sense of Canadian unity and Canadian identity is being buried under a guilt-based narrative pushed by the Trudeau Liberals.

Hostile countries like China have been able to threaten our democracy with almost zero reaction from Trudeau – who once famously praised China’s ‘basic dictatorship.’

Freedom is under assault like never before in this country, with Trudeau and his cronies attacking free speech, free expression, economic freedom, and personal freedom in their effort to put government in control of everything.

Millions of Canadian Citizens were ruthlessly demonized so Trudeau could try to win an election.

And of course, he used the authoritarian Emergencies Act against peaceful protestors in the Freedom Convoy, an act that will divide our nation for years – perhaps even decades – to come.

So, when LeDrew says “the pain inflicted by this government has almost brought us to the tipping point,” he is completely correct.

Trudeau and the Liberals must be defeated for Canada to get back on track, and making that happen is up to all of us who value the true ideals and foundation of freedom upon which Canada is based.

Spencer Fernando


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