When The Law Didn’t Say What They Wanted, The Liberal Government INVENTED A New Justification For Invoking Emergencies Act Based On Their ‘Feelings’

A depth of dishonesty, deception, and desperation to use authoritarian state power that should disgust the Canadian People.

In politics, there is a lot of hyperbole and exaggeration.

It’s always been that way, and – however much we may hope otherwise – it always will be.

But, with that in mind, it is simply stating the facts to say that what happened at the Emergencies Act Inquiry yesterday was stunning:

Trudeau’s national security advisor Jody Thomas admitted that the Emergencies Act requirement of a “threat to the security of Canada” – which is defined by CSIS and is required to rightfully invoke the act – should be “reconsidered.”

Further, she said the government knew that CSIS did not believe the protest met the definition of a nation emergency. But instead of accepting that – which should have taken the Emergencies Act off the table since the threshold for invoking it was not met under the law – they decided to make up a new definition based on how they ‘felt’ about it:

“In NSIA Thomas’ view, it was the totality of the circumstances that led to what she considered to be the existence of a threat to the security of Canada, and therefore, [a] public order emergency.”

This is stunning.

Any fact-based-analysis of the Inquiry must now come to the conclusion that the Liberal government has already lost.

They’ve admitted the Freedom Convoy didn’t meet the legal threshold of a national security threat.

They’ve admitted that CSIS – whose definition of national security threat must be adhered to in order for the Emergencies Act to be lawfully invoked – said the protest wasn’t a national security threat.

And they’ve admitted that they decided to ignore the law and invoke the Emergencies Act anyway, because they ‘felt’ it should be invoked.

If the Inquiry now comes to any conclusion other than that the Liberal government WRONGFULLY invoked the Act, we can be certain that the fix was in from the very beginning.

Canadians lose

While the government may have now lost on the facts, the real losers from all of this are the Canadian People, because there is now zero doubt that we are being ruled by a government that has absolute contempt for our rights and freedoms.

As Aaron Wudrick said on Twitter, this isn’t even about partisanship, it’s about the rule of law:

“I have no doubt the usual apologists who care more about punishing the Bad People than legality will have some creative excuse about why this is all no big deal, but I hope most Canadians realize how outrageous this is. This is not a partisan issue. It’s a RULE OF LAW issue. /7”


The Liberal government defied the law in order to impose ruthless authoritarian state power on Canadians who disagreed with them.

Read that again.

The Liberal government defied the law in order to impose ruthless authoritarian state power on Canadians who disagreed with them.

If the Liberals get away with it, what will they do next?

They are already attacking free speech.

They are already trying to censor the internet.

Where will they stop?

What is their endgame?

All Canadians should be outraged by this, as Canadian Freedom cannot survive if the government can simply ignore the law and invoke emergency powers on a whim.

It should be obvious to all of us that Canadian democracy and the rights of the Canadian People are now under unrelenting and unprecedented attack from the Liberal government.

Spencer Fernando

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