Alberta Crown Prosecution Service Issues Clear Rejection Of Claims Made In Crumbling CBC Story

CBC published a story about emails without seeing the emails, and the story has now fallen apart.

A bad day for CBC is getting even worse.

Earlier, I wrote about how CBC admitted that their story on the Alberta Premier’s office supposedly emailing the Alberta Crown Prosecutor’s Services was published without CBC actually having seen any emails.

And now, the Alberta Crown Prosecutor’s Services has slammed the claims made in the CBC story:

As noted by David Staples, the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service is clearly refuting CBC’s story:

“With this fierce attack on credibility of the CBC, I now see this matter as closed. Unless CBC comes up with name of Smith staff and/or emails, I see no credibility for CBC story but high credibility on the Crown Prosecutor’s statement.”

What was CBC really trying to do here?

With CBC’s story having fallen apart, the issue now turns to the CBC itself.

What were they trying to do here?

Why put out a story about emails without having even seen them?

At this point, it seems quite clear the CBC was trying to bring down Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and the UCP, while also distracting from the backlash against the ‘just transition’ that had put Rachel Notley on the defensive.

With Notley and the Alberta NDP desperate to distract from the fact that the structure of their party means Notley is subservient to Jagmeet Singh – effectively being a lower-level employee within the party he controls – and desperate to avoid talking about Trudeau’s ‘just transition’ that would devastate Alberta’s economy, CBC stepped in to help.

Now however, as the CBC story falls apart, it becomes clear that the state broadcaster was trying to tip the scales of an election that increasingly appears headed in Smith and the UCP’s direction.

Spencer Fernando


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