Racially-Segregated Event At National Arts Centre Is Unacceptable

Who could possibly think this is a good idea?

In a country made up of many people with different backgrounds, should we be encouraged to interact with each other and focus on what we have in common, or should we be segregating people by race?

The answer seems obvious. In fact, we’ve built our entire society on the idea that some core common values such as respect for individual freedom and a belief in democracy and the rule of law can make it possible for many different people to share a country and a future as Citizens.

The battles against racism in the past focused on moving beyond dividing people by race, and focusing instead on people’s actions and character.

Yet, the woke movement seeks to overturn that.

Based upon critical race theory – which is part of a communist/marxist worldview – the woke seek prove the ‘horseshoe theory’ of politics to be correct: They are so far to the left that they end up in a similar place to those on the far-right and seek to divide society by race.

This attitude has become endemic in many institutions, and leads to absurdities like what you are about to read below:

The National Art Centre is hosting a racially-segregated event, in which only ‘black-identified’ individuals are allowed to enter:

“NAC English Theatre is excited to begin 2023 with the Dora Mavor Moore Award-winning presentation of Aleshea Harris’ Is God Is, running February 9-18. As one of the milestones in a series of offerings over Black History Month, this genre-smashing production will introduce the first of two Black Out nights that will be at the NAC this year.

On February 17, the evening’s performance of Is God Is will welcome an all-Black identifying audience to experience and enjoy a performance in the Babs Asper Theatre. Tickets for this performance are available now.”

“A Black Out is an open invitation to Black Audiences to come and experience performances with their community. The evenings will provide a dedicated space for Black theatregoers to witness a show that reflects the vivid kaleidoscope that is the Black experience.”

Notice how they say “will welcome an all-Black identifying audience,” as opposed to the truth which is that all non-black ‘identifying’ people are not welcome.

Why is this considered acceptable in the year 2023?

Shouldn’t people of all backgrounds be welcome?

Further, what if this was reversed?

Imagine the reaction if there was a ‘white identifying’ only event.

People would be going crazy.

It would be denounced as unacceptable and rampant racism.

And indeed, that would be unacceptable, just as a ‘black identifying’ only event is unacceptable.

We need to confront and reject this woke insanity before it’s too late.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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