BREAKING: Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down

The spy balloon was shot down near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The U.S. has shot down the Chinese spy balloon.

The surveillance balloon – which is maneuverable – had made its way from China into Alaska, through parts of Canada and into Montana, where it ‘lingered’ in an area that just so happens to be close to U.S. nuclear missile silos.

The balloon then moved east.

It has now been shot down near Myrtle Beach on the coast of South Carolina.

Most likely, the decision was made to wait for it to be near open water to minimize the potential for innocent people to be injured or killed by falling debris.

You can watch multiple videos of the balloon being shot down below:

The use of a spy balloon by China is another sign that the Western world is in a new Cold War with the anti-freedom, anti-democratic dictatorships, and we can expect further provocations and tests of will/capability.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter