Weird Focus On Racial Composition Of Poilievre Crowds Shows His Critics Are Struggling To Counter His Message

Poilievre has had many events with large crowds of Canadians made up of many racial backgrounds. Many of his critics simply ignore that, and push a divisive racial narrative instead.

At our best, Canada is a nation where people of all backgrounds are treated with dignity, respect, and are seen as individual human beings who deserve the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

At our worst, we focus on race and divide people into narrow identity groups, and then exploit those groups to facilitate ‘divide and conquer’ politics.

The fear of political failure, or the loss of political power, often seems to bring out the worst in people, and the more CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre surges in the polls, the more his opponents seem to become unhinged and angry.

Just look at the stunningly divisive and race-focused response to his recent packed event in Windsor:

What’s interesting is that Pierre Poilievre has had many packed events where the crowd was ‘more diverse,’ yet his critics had little to say about that.

And of course, why should it matter how ‘diverse’ the crowd is?

The focus on outward diversity often implies that it is somehow bad for a crowd to have many white people there.

But why should that be a bad thing?

If we are all supposed to be treated equally and seen as worthy individuals regardless of our background, then what does it matter what the composition of the crowd happens to be?

Struggling to fight Poilievre’s actual message

The unhinged, race-based criticism being thrown at Poilievre show that his critics are struggling to confront his actual message, and are thus reduced to pushing divisive narratives.

Poilievre is talking about things all Canadians can relate to – including the rising cost-of-living, the out of control housing market, surging crime, and our lack of national defences.

These are all things that we can see and feel in our day-to-day lives, which makes it a tough message for Poilievre’s opponents to counter.

So, it seems they aren’t trying to counter it at all.

Instead, they’re trying to divide Canadians along racial lines.

It’s a despicable tactic.

Yet, if that’s what his opponents have been reduced to saying about Pierre Poilievre and his supporters it’s a clear sign that his message is resonating with Canadians from all walks of life.

Spencer Fernando

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