CSIS Is Trying To Protect Canada From China While Trudeau Looks The Other Way

The clear rift between the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the Prime Minister is disturbing, with Trudeau putting his political interests above our national security.

In a democracy, it is essential to always question government institutions – particularly those who have significant power.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service is one such institution.

Due to their responsibility for protecting Canada’s national security CSIS is given surveillance powers, which are utilized both domestically and in foreign countries.

It is always possible for that kind of power to be abused, so we should have a base level of suspicion of any organization with that kind of authority.

That being said, we live in a dangerous world, and institutions like CSIS are absolutely necessary.

Furthermore, the kind of person who would work for CSIS is likely someone who is quite patriotic and committed to protecting the country.

Some may take ‘protecting the country too far,’ and infringe on civil liberties, which we must speak out against and oppose.

But there is also a risk in having people not take protecting the country ‘far enough.’

And right now, it is becoming increasingly clear that CSIS is trying to protect Canada from China’s interference, even as the PM looks the other way in order to keep benefitting from that interference.

CSIS documents released to the Globe & Mail have shown that the Liberal government was well aware of China’s interference in the 2021 election, including illegal payments to politicians, and the use of disinformation to demonize and defeat Conservative candidates. It is even known that diplomats from China bragged about defeating Conservatives.

In response to this, Trudeau’s main concern was silencing CSIS, rather than fighting back against China’s interference in Canada’s democracy.

The Globe & Mail has also noted Trudeau’s main concern being people finding out about the interference, rather than the interference itself.

“Ouch. “the only security issue Mr. Trudeau has expressed real concern over is the fact that top-secret CSIS reports were leaked””

A disturbing conclusion, and a dangerous moment

Watching this unfold, Canadians will have to acknowledge something very disturbing:

Our top national security agency is having to leak reports to the media because the Prime Minister won’t take action to defend Canadians.

CSIS is acting in the interests of Canadians, desperately trying to warn our country about the risk to Canadian Citizens, while the Prime Minister – who should be working with CSIS to protect Canada – is trying to go after those revealing the truth.

Because China’s interference benefitted him and his political party, Trudeau wants it to keep happening.

He’s putting his own political interests above the national security of Canada, something that should completely disqualify him from serving as our PM.

Spencer Fernando


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