WATCH: CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre Speaks At Solidarity March For Ukraine

It was a rare moment of bipartisan unity, when Canadians could see that there are still some core values upon which people can agree regardless of what party we belong to.

In a rare moment of bipartisan unity, both CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Ontario Premier Doug Ford spoke at a solidarity rally for Ukraine.

The rally comes at a time when surveys show Canadians continue to overwhelmingly support Ukraine, while support for Russia is almost non-existent:

“Which country do you support and would like to see ultimately prevail in the war?”

Ukraine: 80%
Russia: 3%

Neither: 17%”

The fact that both Conservatives and Liberals could come together to support Ukraine shows there are still some core values that unite Canadians, even beyond our increasingly aggressive partisan divides.

In his remarks, Poilievre praised the Ukrainian People’s resistance to Putin’s invasion, saying “a year ago today, a vicious dictator launched an unjustified, illegal, and unprovoked attack on an innocent people and sovereign country. He thought it would be over in days, he thought the people would back down and allow his domination. But what he underestimated was the defiance, the determination, and the courage of the Ukrainian People not just in Ukraine but all around the world, courage and determination that I see right before me here today.”

Poilievre is showing significant political leadership here, speaking up for the values of freedom and democracy upon which Canada is built, and for which Ukraine is fighting so bravely today.

You can watch Poilievre’s full speech below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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