RCMP Investigating Leaks Regarding China’s Foreign Interference

“This investigation is not focused on any one security agency” said the RCMP in a statement.

Canadians only learned about recent allegations of China interfering in our democratic institutions because government whistleblowers shared the information.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau often expressed more concern about the fact that the public was made aware of the interference than the interference itself.

And now, the RCMP has said they’ve launched an investigation into the leaking of the information.

In a statement, RCMP spokesperson Robin Percival said the following:

“The RCMP has initiated an investigation into violations of the Security of Information Act (SOIA) associated with recent media reports. This investigation is not focused on any one security agency. As the RCMP is investigating these incidents, there will be no further comment on this matter at this time.”

This will raise some awkward questions about the state of Canada’s institutions.

If we can only learn about foreign interference from leaks of information, what does that say about the integrity of the institutions were are supposed to be able to believe in?

Spencer Fernando


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