VIDEO: David Johnston Speaks About His Close Ties To The Trudeau Family

The clip from a past interview illustrates why many are concerned with Johnston’s appointment to the ‘Special Rapporteur’ role.

The reaction to the appointment of David Johnston to the ‘Special Rapporteur’ role has been split.

While some are praising him as an ’eminent Canadian,’ others are concerned by his connections to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Those connections go back quite a while.

Johnston is also part of the Trudeau Foundation.

As a result, some question how he could be impartial given that both the Prime Minister and the Trudeau Foundation would almost certainly be key areas of focus in an investigation of China’s election interference.

These are real and legitimate concerns.

Justin Trudeau should have known that appointing David Johnston would bring these questions to the fore. And David Johnston should have known that these concerns would emerge.

If you take a look at the video below, you can get a good sense of why so many Canadians are less than pleased with Johnston’s appointment:

“David Johnston is a lovely man who is hopelessly in conflict of interest.

He has deep ties to three generations of the Trudeau family, allowing for no real objectivity.”

At a time when public trust in our institutions is at stake, Canada can’t afford this kind of perceived conflict of interest.

We need a full public inquiry now.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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