VIDEO: Justin Trudeau Refers To David Johnston As A “Family Friend”

Restoring trust in our institutions requires a public inquiry, not an appointment that has already proven to be questionable and divisive.

Each day, and each new revelation of China’s interference in Canadian democracy further drives home the need for a public inquiry. And each day the Trudeau government refuses to hold an inquiry makes it look the government has much to hide. That perception has only deepened for many Canadians following the Prime Minister’s appointment of former Governor General David Johnston to the position of ‘Special Rapporteur’ on foreign election interference.

Johnston is part of the Trudeau Foundation – which was itself mentioned in news stories surrounding China’s interference attempts. The Trudeau Foundation even returned a $200,000 donation due to connections with the Chinese government. And it’s more than just that connection that has many Canadians concerned. As you can see in the video below, Justin Trudeau refers to David Johnston as a “family friend.”

It is simply unreasonable to expect Canadians to see this process as being above board. There are many people the Prime Minister could have chosen who aren’t connected to him. Further, the position of ‘Special Rapporteur’ isn’t even necessary. Instead of wasting time – which of course is the true intention behind creating the role – our country should have a public inquiry. Canadians need answers and confidence in our institutions. Appointing family friends of the Prime Minister won’t get us there.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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