REPORT: Singh Says NDP Will Support Opposition Motion If Liberal Filibuster Ends


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The NDP has also renewed their calls for a public inquiry.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says the NDP will vote for a Conservative motion that would compel Justin Trudeau’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford to testify on what the government knew about election interference and when they knew it – if the Liberals don’t meet certain conditions beforehand.

Those conditions are an end to the Liberal obstruction at the Standing Committee on Procedure & House Affairs. That obstruction – a filibuster which has now lasted over 20 hours – has been blocking a vote on having Telford testify to the Ethics Committee.

Singh made the remarks just 10 minutes before the committee meeting was set to begin, meaning it won’t take long to find out if the Liberals are willing to meet his conditions.

You can watch Singh’s remarks below:

Liberals back down on confidence motion

After musing yesterday about making the vote on election interference into a confidence motion – something that was widely slammed as desperate and further evidence of a cover-up – the Liberals have backed down.

“It’s not going to be a confidence motion. Obviously it goes to how important the issue of foreign interference is.”

Trudeau also attacked Poilievre for creating a partisan ‘circus,’ an odd claim coming from a Prime Minister who initially denied election interference reports and smeared people as racist for wanting to talk about it:

“I’m actually pleased to contrast the approach that we’ve taken… People will see that there is an expert process that will dig into this in a non-partisan way. People can contrast this with the kind of political circus that Mr. Poilievre is trying to generate.”

Undeniable pressure

The NDP had been giving indications that their initial resolve to call Telford to testify was wavering. And by musing about making the vote on the motion into a confidence measure, the Liberals showed their desperation to stop the issue from being investigated further.

However, public pressure – including from people like us who have been holding the government accountable – has become undeniable. While Trudeau and Singh may want to ignore this pressure, their own MPs still want to get re-elected, and they are surely hearing from their constituents that China’s interference must be investigated. This is why we need to keep the pressure on. We need to keep speaking out about the danger posed by Communist China’s interference in Canadian democracy and ensure our institutions are protected.

After all, the Liberals are still blocking a public inquiry, and are still pushing ahead with their ‘Special Rapporteur,’ so there is much work to be done. The Liberals will do everything possible to stop the truth from getting out, and any temporary moves to the contrary are just to buy time and give the appearance of ‘transparency’ without actually applying it.

Spencer Fernando

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