24 Times, The Liberals Were Asked When Trudeau Learned About The Han Dong Allegations. 24 Times, They Refused To Answer

These are simple questions. Refusing to answer them is a disgrace.

At each and every turn, the Trudeau Liberals are engaged in a desperate cover-up of their role in China’s foreign election interference.

Today, the House of Commons voted in favour of holding a public inquiry into that interference. Liberal MPs voted against it, but they were outnumbered by the Conservatives, the Bloc, and the NDP. As the pressure continues to mount for a public inquiry, the Liberals are holding on for dear life, shredding their remaining credibility and inviting questions about their loyalty as they refuse to push for a real investigation.

In a truly stunning spectacle in Question Period, the Liberals had 24 separate chances to tell Canadians when the Prime Minister was first made aware of the bombshell allegations against Han Dong. Over and over again, the Conservatives asked a simple question:

When did Trudeau find out?

And 24 separate times, the Liberals refused to answer. You can see how it went in the clips below:

“Conservatives asked 24 times today.

What did Trudeau know & when did he know it?

Open, independent, public inquiry NOW.”

“When did the Prime Minister first learn of the serious allegations against a member of his caucus? What day?

We asked them 24 times today.

They didn’t answer. Not a single answer.

Call a public inquiry. Now.”

Contempt for democracy, contempt for Canadians

The government is supposed to work for us, not a foreign country. Canadians are so supposed to be the bosses, not the servants of the state.

And so, when a majority of MPs demand a public inquiry, and when a majority of Canadians in every public opinion poll demand an inquiry, there is absolutely zero excuse or justification for the government not to call an inquiry immediately.

The appointment of a ‘special rapporteur’ is a joke, an obvious delaying tactic meant to make the story go away. Furthermore, David Johnston is totally pro-China, making him far too biased. Here’s what Terry Glavin recently wrote about Johnston & China in the National Post:

“In the 1980s Johnston was laying the foundations of the Canada-China universities exchange program. Later, as president of the University of Waterloo, he oversaw the establishment of the Confucius Institute, a scandal-shredded arm of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda and espionage operations in western countries. Widely known in Chinese establishment circles by his nickname “Jiangshan,” Johnston was awarded an honorary doctorate by Nanjing University in 2012, by which time he’d already made more than a dozen visits to China.

Three of Johnston’s daughters attended university in China — one at Zhejiang University, Nanjing University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, another at the Beijing Language and Culture University and Hangzhou University, and the third at Fudan University in Shanghai. During a luncheon speech to the Canada-China Business Council in 2013, Johnston said it would be “wonderful” if all Canadians learned to speak Chinese.”

As you can see, Trudeau’s refusal to hold an inquiry, refusal to answer easy questions, and his appointment of Johnston is all about the pro-China Liberal power structure trying to keep our nation beholden to the Chinese Communist Party State. Canadians must resist this as strongly as possible and save our rights and freedoms.

Spencer Fernando

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