Trudeau Government Appoints Sister-In-Law Of Liberal Cabinet Minister As Interim Ethics Commissioner

They’re laughing at us now. Total contempt for the Canadian People.

The Trudeau government is now openly laughing at Canadians.

Last week, Parliament voted for an inquiry into foreign election interference.

The Liberals have simply ignored it.

They continue to hid behind Justin Trudeau’s family friend David Johnston, hoping the story goes away in the next few months before he issues a ‘ruling.’

While the stakes are higher than ever, the Liberal contempt for ethics isn’t new. It’s been a feature of Justin Trudeau’s entire time in office, and it’s only getting worse.

Each time they’ve gotten away with a scandal and remained in power, they’ve only become more emboldened. Rather than be grateful for having survived politically, the Liberals seem to think they can get away with anything and continue to push the bounds of unethical behaviour.

So, in a brutal way, it’s perhaps fitting that they have now decided to overtly stack the deck in their favour. Rather than fear the ethics commissioner ruling against them, they’ve decided to appoint an ethics commissioner who is a family member of a top Liberal minister.

The Liberals have appointed Martine Richard – the sister of LeBlanc’s wife Jolene Richard – to the interim role:

“The Liberals appointed the sister-in-law of the Intergovernmental Affairs Minister as the interim Ethics Commissioner.

He, himself has been found guilty of breaking ethics law.

Maybe they’re not that close?”

Dominic LeBlanc is the current Intergovernmental Affairs Minister. In 2018, he was found guilty of an ethics violation when he was the Fisheries Minister. While in that role, LeBlanc awarded a lucrative contract to a company connected to the cousin of his wife.

It would seem LeBlanc likes to keep things in the family.

Contempt for us taxpayers

We are the ones who pay the bills for the Liberal government. Our tax dollars fund their salaries, their staff, their offices, their travel, everything.

And yet, they treat us with total contempt.

The Liberals feel entitled to take our money, spend it however they want, violate the rules, and then appoint their own family members to oversee what happens to those who violate the rules.

This shows there has been a complete collapse of the idea that the government works for us. Rather than valuing public service, the Liberals seem to think all of us are supposed to work for them.

That kind of entitled attitude is not only disgraceful, but it’s also dangerous because of how deeply anti-democratic it is.

A government that thinks the people serve it, rather than thinking it serves the people, is a government that must defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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