As Trudeau Continues China Election Interference Cover-Up, Poilievre Leads As Top Choice For PM & Conservatives Outpace Liberals In National Poll

The Liberals are now below their 2021 showing, which was already the worst popular vote total for a federal election ‘winner’ in Canadian history.

While the Liberals continue their China election interference cover-up, a new survey shows that the scandal continues to take a toll on how they are perceived by the public.

According to the latest Nanos survey, the Liberals have are at 28%, about five points below their 2021 election showing. The Liberals being under 30% is notable, as that is a rough number for an incumbent government, and their 2021 result was already the worst popular vote total in Canadian history for a party that won the most seats.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives are at 36%, roughly two points better than their 2021 showing, giving them an eight point lead over the Liberals. The NDP is at 20%, (2 points above 2021), and the Bloc is at 6%.

Trudeau trails Poilievre

The national numbers aren’t the only sign of trouble for the Liberals.

Justin Trudeau trails Pierre Poilievre on the question of preferred Prime Minister. 29% pick Poilievre as their choice for the top job, compared to 25% for Trudeau.

“Preferred Prime Minister Polling:

Poilievre: 29% (-)
Trudeau: 25% (-1)
Singh: 16% (-)
Blanchet: 4% (-)
May: 4% (-)
Bernier: 3% (-1)

Unsure: 19%

Nanos Research / March 31, 2023 / n=1000 / MOE 3.1% / Telephone

(% Change With March 24, 2023)”

Trudeau is down 1 point from last week’s Nanos poll. And the overall drop in Trudeau’s number on that question coincides with the China election interference scandal and Trudeau’s obvious attempt to cover it up with the appointment of a ‘special rapporteur’ that’s all about buying time.

Trudeau continues to ignore the fact that a majority of MPs in the House of Commons voted for a full independent public inquiry, and more and more Canadians are losing trust in the PM.

The Liberal leader also has a lower net leadership rating than Poilievre.

43% of Canadians say Trudeau has the qualities to be a good political leader, compared to 41% who say the same for Poilievre. However, 45% say Trudeau doesn’t have the qualities to be a good leader, while 37% say the same for Poilievre. This gives Poilievre a +4 net rating on the question, while Trudeau is at -2, a six point net gap in favour of Poilievre.

It’s important for us to remember that Trudeau has never been that popular. He won about the same percentage of the popular vote in 2015 that the Conservatives won in 2011, and since then he has lost the popular vote twice and had a net-negative approval rating for most of his time in office.

Canadians have been paying close attention to the China interference scandal, and a vast majority have been demanding a public inquiry. Watching Trudeau try to hide from the scandal at the same time as our economy stagnates and our nation is more divided than ever is causing more Canadians to look to Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives as an alternative to Trudeau’s failed leadership of our nation.

Spencer Fernando


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