Eco-Extremist Steven Guilbeault Deletes Tweet Downplaying Inflation

Guilbeault thinks you and your family getting screwed over by inflation is worth it in order to continue his extremist climate crusade.

Radical eco-socialist Steven Guilbeault Tweeted – then deleted – an absurd statement downplaying inflation.

Yesterday afternoon, Guilbeault Tweeted the following:

I emailed the Tweet to myself, and it still shows up in my inbox.

But when you click on the Tweet to go directly to view it on Twitter, this is what comes up:

Why did Guilbeault delete the Tweet?

Because it was too honest about his true perspective.

The fact is that Steven Guilbeault is a radical.

He is a ‘true believer’ and thinks that everything is justified in the name of ‘fighting climate change.’

If your family has to get screwed over financially, it doesn’t matter to him so long as Canada is ‘taking climate action.’

He’s willing to destroy tons of jobs, alienate entire provinces and regions, enrich the energy sectors of hostile foreign powers, and ruin Canada’s economic prospects, all to fulfill his radical ideological vision and impose that vision on the rest of us.

His Tweet downplaying inflation is exactly what he really thinks, and it’s also what Justin Trudeau thinks. They are insulated from the pain of higher inflation, and they are insulated from the pain of surging carbon taxes. They don’t care what happens to the rest of us, as we are seen as nothing but bit-players in their grand heroic narrative.

But they aren’t the heroes. They are the villains.

The real heroes are people like us who actually help to build the country and contribute to our economy. Without us, Steven Guilbeault wouldn’t even have a paycheque. Yet, Guilbeault demonstrates total contempt for us and contempt for the economic prospects of Canadians.

Defeat the eco-radical agenda

Radicals like Guilbeault have no place serving in government. The damage done by his agenda is palpable, as Canadians can attest to by the fact that we are falling behind other countries and as we watch foreign nations benefit from the resource wealth that should have been ours.

While Guilbeault may have deleted his Tweet, he can’t delete reality. And reality shows that – in every possible way – Guilbeault’s radical views are detrimental to our country while having no impact whatsoever on the climate.

Canada could shut down all economic activity for year, and the world wouldn’t even notice in terms of emissions. It makes absolutely no sense for Canadians to be subjected to economic pain, yet Guilbeault can’t acknowledge reality and prefers to remain in his ideological bubble. Sadly, all Canadians are being forced to pay the price for Guilbeault’s ignorant and radical views.

Spencer Fernando


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