Trudeau Attacks Prairie Premiers, Gaslights Canadians On Lametti’s Remarks

The Liberals are clearly seeking to further inflame tensions, division, and rage in the nation in an effort to distract from their deepening scandals.

When asked if the federal government would consider what would amount to a seizure of Western Canada’s natural resources by ending the 1930 Natural Resources Transfer Agreements that give Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba control over their resources, this is what Justin Trudeau’s justice minister David Lametti said:

“I obviously can’t pronounce on that right now, but I do commit to looking at that. It won’t be uncontroversial, is the only thing I would say with a bit of a smile.”

There are a few things to note here.

First, Lametti said he would “commit” to “looking at that.” That is a firm statement of intent, showing it is clearly on the table for the government.

Second, Lametti knows it’s controversial, admitting as such in his answer.

And third, by admitting it’s controversial Lametti also indicates he understands it would have serious consequences.

So, he knew exactly what he was doing, and he clearly found it a bit funny. That’s no surprise, given the elitist Trudeau Liberals look down on the West and feel entitled to take what belongs to Western provinces.

Yet, when asked about it, Trudeau just flat out lied. He claimed Lametti didn’t say anything like that, and instead said Lametti spoke about the federal government living up to UN policies:

“If you actually look at his remarks, it is very clear that we’re talking about the importance of the federal government living up to our responsibilities under UNDRIP,” said Trudeau.

“That’s something that, unfortunately, the Prairie premiers have not taken seriously, and they are instead trying to elevate fears that have absolutely no grounding in truth.”

Unfortunately for Trudeau, it’s all on tape. As you watch the video below, you can see how clear it is that Trudeau is lying:

Attack on the Prairie Premiers, inflaming national anger

Not only is Trudeau gaslighting Canadians by denying something that is on tape, he’s attacking the Prairie Premiers. He accused them of lying, and then said they aren’t living up to their responsibilities.

What makes all of this even more insidious is that by saying the Premiers aren’t living up to their responsibilities, Trudeau is laying the rhetorical foundation for terminating the 1930 Natural Resources Transfer Agreements – exactly what Lametti said he is looking into.

At this point, the most reasonable conclusion is that Justin Trudeau is so desperate to distract from the China interference scandal, and has such massive contempt for Western Canadians, that he’s willing to further divide the nation and inflame national rage if he thinks it will boost him a few points in the polls.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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