POLL: Majority Say Trudeau Has Done Poor Job Handling China’s Election Interference

Just 14% rated his handling of the issue positively.

David Johnston’s resignation as ‘Special Rapporteur’ signified the collapse of Justin Trudeau’s attempt to make the China election interference issue go away.

Johnston – seen by many as a member of the same pro-China political clique as Trudeau – was meant to be an ’eminent’ and ‘trusted’ voice who could make the issue boring and quiet, avoiding an inquiry and letting it all fade away.

It didn’t work.

Johnston’s reputation was demolished, and it was far too obvious what he and Trudeau were trying to do.

Now, a new survey shows that even before Johnston resigned, Canadians were highly negative towards Trudeau’s ‘handling’ of the issue.

According to a Nanos survey conducted prior to Johnston’s resignation, 33% said Trudeau had done a “very poor” job on the issue, while 22% said he had done a “poor” job.

Meanwhile, 14% rated him positively on the issue, while 24% said he had done an “average” job on the issue.

Again, this was a poll taken before David Johnston’s resignation, so the numbers would undoubtably be even worse now.

Liberal response doesn’t pass the ‘common-sense’ test

Over and over, the Liberals have acted like they have something very serious to hide when it comes to China’s interference. Everything they’ve done has been to try and make the issue go away, but ironically this only makes the issue become more prominent.

The Liberals aren’t passing the ‘common-sense,’ test of how an innocent organization would act, and this is causing Canadians to think that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Canada needs a full independent public inquiry, because that is the only way we can begin to get some answers and begin to restore trust in our democratic institutions.

Spencer Fernando


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