Trudeau PMO Learned About Bernardo Transfer In March

The government has tried to claim they were ‘shocked’ by the move to transfer Paul Bernardo to a medium security prison. The evidence continues to cast doubt on their claims.

With Marco Mendicino facing growing calls to resign, the Liberal claim to have been ‘shocked’ by Paul Bernardo’s transfer to a medium security facility is looking even worse.

It turns out, not only did Mendicino’s department know about the transfer months ago, but the Trudeau PMO learned about it months ago as well:

“Now we know why Justin Trudeau won’t fire his incompetent minister: Justin Trudeau’s own office was alerted in March that Paul Bernardo, one of the most vile monsters in Canadian history, was going to be transferred to medium security to enjoy more freedom and comfort.

Instead of acting, the Prime Minister did nothing and left it in the hands of his most useless minister. This is a failure of leadership at the very top.”

In my previous article, I wrote about how the Liberals expect us to excuse their dishonesty and failures because they are apparently so incompetent. Of course, that’s no excuse.

And now, we will be expected to believe that somehow Trudeau was never informed about this.

But obviously, that’s completely unbelievable.

How ‘convenient’ is it that anytime there’s a scandal, the Liberal government officials involved can always find some anonymous ‘staffer’ who somehow didn’t pass the information on up the chain? Yet, we never hear about those ‘staffers’ being fired or anything being done.

The fact is, Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister, and is thus responsible for what happens in the government. If everything that goes wrong is someone else’s fault, it means he lacks the skill to manage the government. If he actually did know about all of this – as seems likely – it means he’s dishonest and unethical. Either way, he clearly doesn’t have what it takes to lead this nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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