WATCH: Steven Guilbeault Admits He Is A “Proud Socialist”

The eco-radical environment minister isn’t even trying to hide it, as his socialist agenda robs Canadians of our hard-earned tax dollars.

For a long-time, I’ve been writing about the danger of the eco-radicals and eco-socialists.

Politicians like Steven Guilbeault who knew they couldn’t advance a ‘communist-lite’ agenda in an upfront and honest way, have found that by repacking socialism as ‘environmentalism,’ they can get much farther.

So, under the guise of ‘saving the planet,’ Guilbeault and his ilk have sought to centralize power, weaken the capitalist economy, make the state the dominant player in the economy, reduce individual freedom, reduce economic freedom, and deliberately lower our standard of living to induce dependence upon the state.

All of that is classic socialist and communist policy, but because it was branded as ‘environmentalism’ it has been imposed to a far greater extent than it otherwise would have.

But now, with the carbon tax collapsing and more and more Canadians waking up to the fact that the policy is a scam, the Liberals are flailing around trying to find a new way to sell the awful policy.

One way in which they’re doing so is by admitting that it makes people poorer, but only applying that truth to some areas of the country. Their exemption for home heating oil primarily benefits Atlantic Canada, and they refused to expand that exemption to home heating across the country.

So, regional division and the raw use of state power to benefit formerly pro-Liberal regions while punishing less supportive regions is one way the Liberals are trying to keep the tax afloat.

But Steven Guilbeault is trying something else.

He’s openly admitting that he’s a socialist.

“I’m a Liberal and a proud socialist, Mr. Speaker,” said Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault during question period today.

In response to Tory MP Ted Falk saying socialists (NDP) and separatists (Bloc) back the PM.”

He’s not even trying to hide it at this point.

He’s a socialist, and he’s been implementing eco-radical eco-socialist policies.

And now, Canadians need to wake up and realize that we have allowed an extremist to gain control over a significant portion of our economy and attempt to reshape our lives for the worse.

Steven Guilbeault and his extreme divisive socialist agenda has no place in the halls of power.

Spencer Fernando

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