HYPOCRITES: While Hyper-Regressive Vicious Anti-Semites Are More Emboldened Than Ever On The Liberals’ Watch, Steven Guilbeault Is Pathetically Accusing Pierre Poilievre Of Bringing “Regressive, Culture-War Politics To Canada”

Not only do the Liberals not have what it takes to confront the radical anti-Semitic Islamist movement that is seeking to overturn Canada’s values, they are tacitly aiding that extremist movement by attempting to demonize mainstream Canadian politicians like Pierre Poilievre.

Let’s take a quick look at Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s views on some key issues.

Poilievre says the government should stay out of the issue of abortion and not legislate on the issue.

Poilievre supports same-sex marriage.

Poilievre supports women’s rights, and has been a strong defender of Women’s rights in places like Iran where women are brutally oppressed.

Poilievre believes Canada should stand with Israel, and supports the Jewish community.

Poilievre thinks parents – rather than the state – should play the key role in raising their children, a view shared by roughly 80% of Canadians.

Poilievre thinks the government spends too much money and takes too much money in taxes.

The point I’m making here is that Pierre Poilievre’s views – as well as the views of most of the CPC Caucus and most Conservative supporters are well within the norm of Canadian politics and Canadian history.

This is part of the reason the Conservatives are so far ahead in the polls, as Trudeau’s shift to the far-left is out of step with many Canadians, and Poilievre’s strong communication skills have enabled him to explain how his views – often demonized and distorted by the media – are actually quite within the Canadian norm.

Now, let’s take a moment and consider what most radical Islamists believe (note that Islamist does not refer to all Muslims, but rather the extremist ideologues who seek to impose their religion through aggression and violence).

Islamists oppose women’s rights, as can be seen by what happens to women in all countries where Islamists take power.

Islamists not only oppose same sex marriage, but often enact laws calling for the imprisonment or even execution of LGBT individuals simply for being themselves.

Islamists are deeply anti-Semitic, as can be seen by the horrific actions of Hamas, the hatred towards Jewish People in much of the Middle East, and the vile anti-Semitic ‘protesters’ who have been roaming the streets of Western cities screaming out slogans of hate, threatening Jewish People, calling for boycotts, tearing down posters of people kidnapped by Hamas terrorists, and even expressing support for Hamas.

Islamists think the state – rather than parents – should control how children are raised, since they impose one state-mandated view of religion and punish any who dare promote anything to the contrary.

In short, radical Islamism is completely incompatible with Canadian values.

It is in fact deeply regressive, perhaps the most regressive ideology in the world today.

Now, you may be wondering why I mention Pierre Poilievre and ‘Islamism’ in the same article. It is of course absurd to do so. But there is a method to the madness here, and you’ll see why after reading this absolutely pathetic Tweet by Steven Guilbeault:

“Poilievre is trying to bring regressive, culture-war politics to Canada, attacking the rights of 2SLGBTQI+ rights of Canadians. He is stoking hate and shamefully promoting an environment of intolerance that hurts our youth the most.”

I am not exaggerating when I say that the attitude being displayed by the Liberals is the kind of attitude that could destroy the Western world.

And here’s why.

If the Liberals were really, truly worried about ‘regressive’ ideology, they would the first to speak out against radical Islamism.

Islamism stands against everything the Liberals claim to believe in. If Islamists took power in this country, women’s rights would be gone, LGBT rights would be gone, Jewish People would be – either through direct violence or constant hate & threats – pushed out of the country, there would be zero access to abortion, no religious freedom – and no freedom not to believe either, and no freedom of expression. It would be a hyper-regressive, misogynistic, homophobic, oppressive nightmare.

And yet, at the very moment that Islamist movement is more emboldened than ever, at the very moment when hateful regressive anti-Semites are seeking to intimidate everyone else into silence, the Liberals are not only ignoring the obvious threat staring all of us in the face, but are pretending Pierre Poilievre is the real ‘regressive threat.’

The Liberals would thus let the Islamist movement continue to spread and gain power in Canada, while seeking to crush the only people who might have the guts to stand up to that movement and reassert true Canadian values and the values of Western civilization.

Make no mistake about it, with weak, cowardly, dishonest people like Steven Guilbeault in positions of power, our nation is in incredible danger.

Spencer Fernando


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