What Are They Hiding? Liberals Filibustering In Attempt To Stop Massive EV Battery Contracts Given To Companies Bringing In Foreign Workers From Being Released

The Liberals take your money, give it to companies that hire foreign workers over Canadians, and then tell you that you have no right to see the contracts. Absolutely despicable.

In a desperate attempt to stop Canadians from learning the details of the EV battery plant contracts the Liberals signed with companies that are bringing in foreign workers, the Liberals are filibustering Conservative efforts to bring those contracts to light:

“LIVE: in order to keep their badly negotiated foreign auto deal contracts with $40 billion in taxpayer funds or $3000 per household, SECRET. Liberals are trying to talk out the Conservative motion to release the contracts. Must be worse than even the media reports suggest.”


Liberals now filibustering to block the release of EV battery contracts.

Trudeau is bringing in taxpayer funded foreign workers, instead of Canadian workers to work at these facilities, taking jobs from Canadians.”

Making things even more absurd, just look at Liberal MP Charles Sousa list off the conditions for committee members to even see the documents:

“No notes” “No recording devices” “Destroy the copies” Wow! There must be something really bad in the $44 billion worth of contracts. Trudeau won’t tell us how many foreign replacement workers he’s paid for, and now his MPs are desperately trying to keep the contract hidden.”

Collapsing eco-agenda

The Liberals have now committed roughly $50 BILLION of our tax dollars to electric vehicle battery plant contracts. That’s just about two years worth of defence spending in this country, at a time when our military is collapsing.

It’s a bet that looks horrendous, given that EV demand is falling far short of what some predicted, and companies like Ford are starting to pull back some of their investments in that space.

And now, not only has so much of our money been given away, but even the promises of ‘good Canadian jobs’ appear more and more dishonest given that foreign workers are being brought in.

Clearly, the Liberals are terrified of Canadians discovering the true extent of the massive giveaway of our tax dollars, and so they are despicably hiding the truth from Canadians.

This shouldn’t even be allowed.

These are OUR tax dollars. It’s OUR money the Liberals are spending. And they should have no right to hide the details from us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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