Hamas Broke The Ceasefire. So Why Are All The ‘Pro-Ceasefire’ People Not Denouncing Them?

It’s almost as if they aren’t pro-ceasefire at all, but rather anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.

Those who think Israel should be destroyed hide behind many different names. Some call themselves ‘pro-peace.’ Some call themselves ‘pro-Palestine.’ Some call themselves ‘pro-ceasefire.’

But all of them advocate a course of action that would result in Israel being destroyed.

They all think that Hamas should have impunity to commit horrific terror attacks against Israel, but that the moment Israel responds there should be an immediate ceasefire.

You can see the problem with this.

It would mean that Hamas would have all the initiative, and that Israel would just have to sit back and take whatever horrific violence and butchery Hamas was intent on committing.

It would mean Hamas gets to attack, and Israel never gets to respond.

Obviously, Israel won’t accept this, nor should they.

Israel has the right to defend itself, and that means it has the right to destroy Hamas.

‘Pro-ceasefire’ advocates exposed

Now, if those who claim to support ‘peace’ were actually genuine – rather than being anti-Israel and anti-Semitic – they would be out in full force denouncing Hamas for breaking the ceasefire.

And let there be no doubt, the reason fighting has resumed in Gaza is because Hamas broke the ceasefire:

“Secretary of State Blinken correctly says that the Gaza truce did not collapse. Hamas broke it in multiple ways, including firing rockets into Israel and refusing to provide a list of eligible hostages to release next. The first rocket is on video, it’s not a “he said, she said.””

So, where are all the denunciations?

Where is the UN?

Where is the NDP?

Where are the ‘pro-ceasefire’ voices in the Liberal government?

Where are the ‘pro-peace’ voices?

Of course, they are silent.

It was never about a ceasefire, it was about stopping Israel from defending itself.

After all, Hamas used the ceasefire to rearm for more attacks:

And now that Hamas has broken the ceasefire, those voices have all been exposed as utter frauds.

The reality is that there is only one position that is actually in line with real justice, real long-term peace, and real support for Israel, the Jewish community, and the values of Western Civilization: Full backing for Israel to destroy Hamas.

Spencer Fernando

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