If You’re A Canadian Who Wants A Prosperous Future, Steven Guilbeault Is Your Enemy

A radical Communist is deliberately driving our economy into the ground, and Guilbeault won’t stop until he’s robbed all of us of the ability to achieve wealth and prosperity.

There’s a reason death cults are seen as something dangerous and threatening.

When a group of people buy into an ideology based upon a hatred for life, growth, and prosperity, those people will do immense damage if given even a bit of power.

That’s what we’ve witnessed with the eco-radical ‘environmental’ movement, which has become focused on the destruction of the prosperity of the Western world, thus enabling the rise of hostile foreign powers.

The eco-Communist death cultists despise Capitalism – the most successful economic system in history – despise democracy – because voters often refuse to freely choose eco-radicalism, and instead use fear-mongering and backhanded bureaucratic tricks and schemes to impose their destructive agenda.

Remember, the Liberal carbon tax is not a legitimate policy, because the Liberals repeatedly lied about what it would entail during elections, only to constantly move the goalposts when the election was over.

And that brings us to Steven Guilbeault, the worst of them all.

Guilbeault is the enemy of Canadians who want prosperity

When you watch Guilbeault talking, you can just sense the hatred he has for those who are entrepreneurial, those who are strong, those who can actually build and create.

Whatever he tells himself, his real goal is to punish those who are more capable than he is, rather than ‘saving the planet.’

Guilbeault’s recently announced oil & gas sector emissions cap – a direct attack on Canada’s most prosperous province Alberta – is the latest way in which he has shown himself to be the enemy of all Canadians who want a prosperous future.

The cap requires emissions in the oil & gas sector to be 35-38% lower in 2030 than in 2019, a draconian move that will have a massive negative impact on the prosperity of Canadians.

Just as with the carbon tax, and Guilbeault’s relentless opposition to energy sector projects, it is essential for Canadians to understand that Guilbeault doesn’t want you to have a prosperous future. Making life more expensive, robbing you of your hard-earned tax dollars, driving up prices, inducing scarcity, all of it is deliberate. Guilbeault and his eco-radical death cultists want Canada to be a third-world sh*thole country were everyone lives a meagre life of subsistence.

And so, Canadians must defeat this enemy of our prosperity by voting him and the Liberals out of office. And just as importantly, we must never allow eco-radicals like him to get into positions of power ever again.

Spencer Fernando


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