WATCH: Karina Gould Goes On Another Unhinged Rant

The once-respected MP has decided to make a fool of herself on Justin Trudeau’s behalf. What a disgrace.

Karina Gould – the Liberal House Leader – was once seen as a reasonable and well-respected MP.

Unfortunately, as so many others have done, she’s thrown it all away in order for a chance to abase herself on Justin Trudeau’s behalf.

Gould has become the go-to person for unhinged hysterical rants about the Conservatives, as she and the Liberals double-down on dishonesty and divisiveness in the face of their collapsing poll numbers.

In her latest rant, Gould claimed the Conservatives were bringing “American far-right” dysfunction to Ottawa.

Nothing Gould said makes any sense, and it’s all totally disconnected from reality.

But that’s all the Liberals have left at this point.

They throw out a bunch of garbage propaganda lines, knowing their bought-off stooges in the far-left legacy press will repeat it verbatim.

Yet even with that propaganda machine serving them, the Liberals are still falling in the polls because this country has been driven so deep into the ditch that no amount of propaganda can distract from the reality that Canada is in an absolutely dire state.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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