Given Our Abundant Natural Resources, It Would Take Years Of Deliberate Effort To Sabotage Our Economy. That’s Exactly What The Liberals Have Done.

Canadians should be incredibly rich. But the Liberals – fueled by their eco-extremist policies – are deliberately engineering the ruination of our economy.

Lets take a look at where Canada stands in terms of per capita GDP.

We are currently 17th, which doesn’t seem too bad until you consider some of the countries we are near to, and then consider how much more blessed with resources we are.

For example, Canada’s per capita GDP of $53,247 barely exceeds the per capita GDP of Israel, which is $53,196.

Despite possessing few natural resources, being surrounded by hostility, and having to spend massively on their military in order to ensure their survival, Israel is almost as rich an on a per person basis as Canada.

Now, let’s consider some of the countries ahead of us.

We trail countries like Austria, the Netherlands, and Denmark, as well as Sweden, Finland, and even Belgium. All of those countries are less resource-rich than we are.

It gets even worse.

Our biggest trading partner – and the guarantor of our security – is the United States. Our economies are highly integrated, and the Canadian government takes total advantage of the U.S. security guarantee by underspending on our military to a nearly criminal degree.

Yet, the U.S. is far ahead of Canada economically.

Their per capita GDP is $80,412.

And the gap is growing.

Furthermore, countries like Qatar – that took advantage of the demand for non-Russian LNG among our allies in Europe and Asia – are much richer than Canada, as we are led by a Prime Minister who said there was ‘no business’ case for LNG expansion. Qatar has signed massive long-term LNG contracts, as has the United States, and they are set to enrich themselves for decades to come while we get nothing.

And this is where we have to acknowledge the deliberate nature of the ruination of our economy.

A government that simply stood by and did almost nothing would be far better than what we have now. Canada’s economic fundamentals – our vast resources, our educated population, our security alliance with the world’s top military power, the protection afforded by NATO, our deep economic ties with the world’s biggest economy, should make us one of the richest countries on Earth.

It’s no exaggeration to say that if we had competent leadership, if we took full advantage of our natural resources instead of trying to crush the oil & gas sector, Canadians should be among the top five richest people on Earth on a per capita basis. Our problem should be how to spend all our excess money, rather than suffering under economic decline and a cost-of-living crisis.

Thus, the wrecking of our economy is clearly deliberate, because it would take years of deliberate effort to turn Canada into a country that increasingly resembles a middling resource-poor European nation, rather than the resource-rich economic powerhouse we should be.

By pushing anti-growth, anti-capitalist, and anti-prosperity eco-extremism, the socialists in the Liberal-NDP Pact are making Canadians poorer and robbing our country of the prosperity that should be ours.

Spencer Fernando


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